How To Wear Ruffles – Trend Tuesday

| Why not spice up your wardrobe and buy dress with ruffles? The new trend that will bring your wardrobe to life. Literally.

There’s always going to be a staple piece each season that’ll transform a simple pair of jeans. That reliable stand-by for when you need to up your outfit ante and this time, it’s the ruffle. From retro high collars to cold shoulder tops, big ol’ fancy sleeves right down too the tips of the toes, ruffles are officially everywhere and I for one could not be more thankful. Tell me another trend that you can fling on and literally forget about everything else. Wearing a ruffle skirt or trousers? Pair with a tee or oversized jumper! If it’s a top, add jeans or even when something looks flat, just add ruffle! We all live busy lives so we should spend less time styling, more time ticking off that to do list. All you really to do to enjoy ruffles, is wear them so here’s some of my faves from high end to high street.


The new kinda kick flare, I like to call it the skip ruffle! Change up your staple 9 to 5 trousers with some Friday style frills!


Sheer? Check. Dreamy? Check. Ruffles? Check. Basically ticking all the A/W trend boxes in this ASOS number.


When Gucci influences the high street, you know it’s always gonna be right. Sass up any outfit with a shiny toe ruffle, because good boots just ain’t enough these days.


Too sophisticated for the ruffle? Give it a little nod with this simplistic, clean lined silhouette from Cos.


If you are gonna do a ruffle, the shirt is the best place to start. Storets are absolutely killin’ it on the frill front and this blue shirt is no exception.

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Miss Guided

Wrap yourself in this luxe tan mini dress, wear on it’s own or over some jeans for ultimate AW feels.

Saccharines Shrine

Our indie designer pick is this little beaut from Saccharine Shrine. Fast becoming known for their wooly work, this ruffled baby doll takes us back to the nineties. Wear on it’s own or use as a layering tool until the sun comes back.


The ultimate ruffle. The ruffle to end of ruffles. The ruffliest of them all. It’s always, always got to be Gucci.

Just remember. When in doubt, add more ruffle.

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