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  • Topshop: LFW Live Stream 2pm Sunday

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    Posted: February 16, 2017 Posted: February 16, 2017
    Topshop: LFW Live Stream 2pm Sunday

    London Fashion Week - February 2017

    With Sheri and Amanda reporting from LFW this week, it's been left to yours truly (Andrew) to make sure the string and cellotape that holds this site together, well, holds.

    An established fashion blogger I may not be but I do know my way around copy-paste like a champion. Here's some words straight from the Topshop live stream press release.

    "This season, the TOPSHOP Unique catwalk show comes to Tate Modern's brand new Tanks space."

    "Tune in at 2pm on Sunday 19th February to watch the show live, and shop selected pieces direct from the runway. Plus, get daily coverage and behind the scenes access to LFW's hottest shows."

    Update: Since posting, I've discovered that Topshop's live stream link is not supplied on a secure link (HTTPS). As this site and 20% of THE INTERNET is HTTPS, this means to watch the video you will need to click on the shield icon first in the Chrome browser:

    Topshop: LFW Live Stream

    Watch and shop folks!