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  • Top Ten Hangover cures

    Posted: January 01, 2018 Posted: January 01, 2018
    Top Ten Hangover cures

    Go a little overboard last night? Don't fret, we have ten fool proof ways to fix your hangover.

    Hair of the Dog

    If you need to be up and out the next day and you simply can't function, get a Bloody Mary and instantly feel better. We don't recommend hair of the dog on a regular basis but it's a tried and tested method.


    Drink it whilst you are out and then keep drinking it, you'll feel better in the morning. Alcohol dehydrates you so the more water you drink the better you will feel.

    A Proper breakfast

    A good breakfast is essential, find out where to eat for a good breakfast & take a friend. If you are in Glasgow head to one of our favourite places to eat.

    Get some fizz

    No we don't mean more prosecco! Berocca will give you a boost of vitamins in the morning, it won't solve all your hangover problems but every little helps right? Add some Orange juice to your water after the berocca & mix, it'll taste 100 times better.

    Grab a smoothie

    Bananas are a great source of potassium and will make you feel so much better, pop in some strawberries, orange juice & flax seed for a sugary healthy boost.

    Have a shower

    Rinse off the night before, dry your hair & put on real clothes, or fresh pjs, it'll make you feel much better.

    Distract yourself

    Watch a movie, start a new series or read a book, anything that helps take your mind off the fact you feel terrible!

    Go for a walk

    This only really counts if it's not horrible weather. Make an effort to get out of the house, even if you've only walked to the shops and back it'll feel like an achievement.


    If you can, spend the day in your bed! It's not wasted if you had nothing to do anyway right?

    originally published on 01 Jan 17