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| The best podcasts to make it easier to get your fashion fix. Listen to a learn from these well-rehearsed and experienced fashionistas.

Lately I’ve been totally and utterly obsessed with podcasts. From *Reply All*, a Gimlet Media podcast about bizarre stories from around the internet, to *The High Low*, a news and pop culture podcast by Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, there is definately something for everyone. And fortunately for us fashionistas, there are loads of new podcasts all about fashion too!

Man Repeller

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I’ve always loved Oh Boy, the podcast by the Man Repeller team, which invites expert guests from all over the fashion industry to talk about everything from design, celebrity, photography, blogging and polictics. But recently I am even more impressed by Monocycle, a podcast run by Leandra Medine alone, which is incredibly honest and heartfelt, touching on friendship, love, family, personal development and everything in between. Both podcasts are highly addictive, so be warned!
Listen Here.

Conscious Chatter

Conscious Chatter is a brilliantly informed, entertaining and fascinating podcast all about ethical and sustainable fashion, run by Kestrel Jenkins of A Wear World, a conscious style maven who truly believes that what we wear matters, as the podcast’s tagline goes. In each and every episode she conducts in depth interviews with incredible people like Orsola de Castro from Fashion Revolution and brands like Patagonia and Pinatex.
Listen Here.

Pop Fashion

Pop Fashion is a fashion news podcast by Lisa Rowan and Kaarin Vembar. The two charasmatic industry experts touch on everything from retail bankrupcies and reality tv to copyright law and red carpet style. Think of it as a light-hearted, easy to digest audible version of Business of Fashion.
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The Vogue Podcast is absolute ear porn (weird phrase) for fashion addicts, hosted by the one and only Andre Leon Tally, and featuring legendary guests like Anna Wintour and Tom Ford. Subscribe now or forever hold your peace, Vogue is the ultimate fashion podcast.
Listen Here.

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American Fashion

American Fashion is a podcast all about the fashion industry in the US, hosted by Charles Beckwith, Seth Friedermann and Lisa-Maria Radano part of Open Source Fashion. It is a briliant resource of in depth information about retailers, brands, designers, models, and everything in between, always opinionated and untamed.
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See Also

Asos run two really great podcasts, These Four Walls, which is a behind-the scenes look at Asos, celebrity gossip and all, and My Big Idea, all about starting a business and being a total #girlboss.
Listen Here.

Fashion Is Your Business

Fashion Is Your Business is a weekly podcast all aout the fascinating intersection of fashion and technology entrepreneurial strategist Rob Sanchez, leading fashion technology consultant Pavan Bahl, and creative entrepreneur Marc Raco.
Listen Here.

Girlboss Radio

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On each episode, Nasty Gal founder and author of #Girlboss Sophia Amoruso interviews world-class girlbosses who have made their mark in creative, cultural, and business ventures to extract solid advice from the lessons they’ve learned along the way.
Listen Here.

Hashtag Authentic

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Hashtag Authentic is a podcast by blogger Sara Tasker of Me and Orla all about navigating Instagram like a pro, taking and editing beautiful images and connecting in a meaningful, authentic way.
Listen Here.

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