Sustainable fashion: Top Ten Ethical Fashion Bloggers

| Sustainable fashion is on the rise and we’ve found ethical bloggers who can show you how it’s done. They care about the future of fashion and the planet.

Ethical fashion has changed in a huge way lately; shaking off the hippie hemp stereotype and rebranding as contemporary and cutting edge.

More importantly, it’s the only viable future of fashion; for people, profit, purpose and planet. There is no denying that we live in an influencer economy, so to push sustainable fashion forward, we need social media stars and style bloggers to promote transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry. Luckily there are hundreds of eco-friendly bloggers spearheading this movement, so here are the ten best of the ethical fashion blogosphere.

1. The Sustainable Edit: Jen Brownlie

Focus: Slow Living, Capsule Wardrobe, Minimalism

2. Sustainable Siren: Jennifer Wang

Focus: Activism, DIY, Vintage, Recycling

3. Sustainably Chic: Natalie Smith

Focus: Fairtrade, Organic, Craft

4. Water Thru Skin: Valeria Hinojosa

Focus: Veganism, Community, Conscious Blogging

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5. Future King & Queen: Virginia + Henrietta

Focus: Veganism, Compassion, Environment

As well as considering where and how a piece of clothing is made, it's also important to look into the story of the fabric itself. Who made it? Were they treated fairly? What about the farmers who grew the plants the material is made from (e.g. cotton farmers)? 🍃 For the final story from my wardrobe feature for @fash_rev Fashion Revolution Week, I want to share with you one of my favourite ethical labels that considers all of these things. @kowtowclothing – the makers of this dress – make fashion that is fair trade from seed to garment, using organic cotton. They're very transparent about their production processes, and on their website you can see a video showing you the whole story behind their garments, from the cotton plant growers, to the material manufacturers, to the cut and sew team in India. Thank you @kowtowclothing for making my clothes. #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes #lovedclotheslast

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6. Ethical Fashion Blogger: Amber Boyers

Focus: Environment, Health, Planet

7. Moral Fibres: Wendy Graham

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Focus: Style, Budget, Green Living

8. Eco Cult: Alden Wicker

Focus: City life, Shopping local, Education

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9. Bedre Mode (Better Fashion): Johanne Stenstrup

Focus: Slow living, Scandinavian style, quality

10. Fashion Hedge: Yarina

Focus: Smart lifestyle, Fairtrade, Eco fashion

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