Top Ten First Date Ideas

I don’t know about you, but fuck me, I am SO bored of ‘let’s grab a couple of drinks’ dates. I mean, I get it. It’s not too daunting, it’s an easy way to get to know someone and there’s the opportunity to get tipsy enough to banish any nerves you may have, or find the gusto needed to snog the face off the person who’s amazingly way hotter than their profile made out. But, snore. Time to turn forgettable first dates into something you and your potential other half will remember forever.

  1. Escape Room – for those who don’t know what this is, basically you’re locked in a room with a bunch of puzzles and clues that you need to figure out in order to escape. Ok, so granted – this could be an utter disaster. But it’s a sure fire way to find out whether you’re actually compatible with your date. And if not, it’s only an hour of being trapped in a room with them, rather than potentially months of hanging out before solving that conundrum.

  2. Ice Cream – I mean you can never lose when ice cream is involved. A simple but cute date, where you get to experience a sugar high and a crush rush all in one. Plus, I reckon you can tell a lot by someone’s favourite ice cream flavour. Never trust someone that says raspberry ripple.

  3. Roller Disco – go back in time with 80s tracks in your ears, fluro lights in your eyes and wheels on your feet. Time to either make and utter fanny of yourself or show off your skating skills. A great way to break the ice. Or wooden floor. With your bum.

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  1. Disposable cameras – explore the city together with a couple of throw away cameras. There’s something super fun about being a tourist in your own home, and you always end up finding some nooks you’ve never noticed before. And if all goes well, you’ll have some photo momentos to look back on in years to come of your first date together. Or something to burn when it all goes tits up.

  2. Ceilidh – my happy place is mid-spin in a Strip the Willow, so I might be a bit biased here. But there is nothing better than being wheeched around the dance floor with a hottie, along to some traditional Scottish tunes. Lots of laughs, lots of opportunites for some physical intimacy and the perfect atmosphere for sparks to fly. And if not, you can always make the most of the progressive dances to meet a new dancing partner.

  3. Cat cafe – animals know shit. And if you take your date to room full of cats and find that they just hiss in their direction – trust your pussy. It usually knows even quicker than your gut does when something isn’t right. Plus, on the flip side – hot person cuddling kitties? That’s when my ovaries start overriding all my other organs. Yes. Please.

  4. Art workshop – whether it’s a pottery class or some life drawing, there’s something sexy about getting creative and tactile. Who needs foreplay when you’re reenacting that ‘Ghost’ scene or doodling willies for an afternoon.

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  5. Video game bar – Sonic the Hedgehog was my main man growing up. But whether yours was Mario, Lara Croft or Chun-Li, anything nostalgic is always a winner when it comes to dating. A beverage of your choice in one hand, a controller in the other, all whilst kicking the arse of your date and showing them who’s the boss.

  6. Bouldering – time to get sweaty and support one another whilst you scale up a wall and face your fears. Not that I condone inappropriate staring or objectifying anyone, but that angle is a pretty good excuse to have a cheeky swatch of your date’s arse.

  7. Picnic in the park – romance is totally dead, but it can be revived for an afternoon at least. Make your date’s favourite sandwich, subltely find out their favourite sweetie and pack it up along with a bottle of wine. It’s like getting drunk in the park but with just enough effort so that your crush is more likely to want to sleep with you afterwards. And if not, bring some breadcrumbs so you can befriend some other pretty birds instead.

Are you game to give any of these a go? What has your favourite first date been? Tell us all! E-mail with all your dating stories and questions.

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