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  • 12 Street Style Photographers you need to follow pre Fashion Week

    Every February and September the fashion elite descend on the world's capitols to check out what we'll be wearing next season. But outside the tents another, dare I say, more exciting fashion parade is taking place. You bet your sweet sass I'm talking Street Style. On the street you don’t need to be 5’10” or have 100K+ followers to have your fashion moment, all you really need is to catch the eye of a certain photographer...

    Don't get me wrong, of course twice a year I'm buzzing to scope the runways and next seasons trends. And yes, like most I have my top bloggers on my fashion week radar, but the true heroes of fashion week? That crown goes to the street style photographers.

    As a society we've grown to be an impatient bunch, hell, Burberry taught us that, but Street Style photographers are the ones we rely on to capture the here and the now. They're the ones saving us from chasing that style queen down the street to ask where they got their outfit. They're the ones who create the demand for the next bit IT item. They're the ones keeping #fashiongoals alive on Pintrest, and if there was any time to start following them, it would be right now. So with that, here's 12 street style photographers you should be clicking "follow" so you can really stay ahead of the game this Fashion Week.

    1. @thesartorialist

    2. @melodiejeng

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    3. @moeeztali

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    4. @mrstreetpeeper

    5. @carolineblomst

    6. @tommyton

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    7. @mister_newton

    spotted at nyfw on monday 9/11/17

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    8. @facehunter

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    10. @chiaraobscura

    11. @garconjon

    12. @reishito

    Header image credit: @mrstreetpeeper

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