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  • Top Lingerie Brands for Small Boobs

    Posted: August 07, 2017 Posted: August 07, 2017
    Top Lingerie Brands for Small Boobs

    |Girls with small chests rejoice! We have pulled together our favourite Lingerie brands for small boobs & small backs.

    There are so many amazing brands that cater for the itty bitty titty girls. There is nothing worse than searching and searching and not finding the right size bra so let us do the work for you and keep those little boobs held high!

    Waking up with Venus

    Soft cup bras all lovingly hand made in the UK these bras will make you want to wear nothing else. They have also just started doing knickers to match so now you can have the matching set.

    Solstice Intimates

    Made in Arizona these body suits & soft cup bras will suit ever shape and size.


    If you are into lace, straps and frou frou then this is the brand of your dreams!

    Ayten Gasson

    Incredible soft cup bras made using silk & vintage lace. They are all made in small runs so you know you are getting something extra special, plus her collaboration with Liberty is to die for!

    Mimi Holliday

    The bras have the cutest names and come in the most perfect fabrics. They also start at a 28 back and go up to a G cup on smaller back sizes so they cater for everyone.

    Hopeless Lingerie

    Cute bras that can be worn as tops, mixing underwear as outerwear has never been so fun!

    The Lydia Bodysuit ✨ Now available in soft leopard mesh with ruffle trim 💫 #hopelesslingerie

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    Lonely Lingerie

    Beautiful bras, a variety of soft and underwire cups it will be hard not to fall in love with everything. They start at a 30A so cater for the smallest busts.

    Header image via Solstice Intimates