Top 10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes to Try

Halloween’s just around the corner, but if you’ve found yourself stuck for inspiration this year, consider taking inspiration from these celebrity Halloween costumes. When you’ve got A-list resources (and an A-list amount of money in the bank), it’s easy to go all out on your Halloween outfit, but we’ve also included some suggestions for recreating these looks on a normal person’s budget. Let’s get creative!

1. Emily Ratajkowski as Marge Simpson

The only ‘fancy dress’ elements of this outfit are the yellow body paint and blue wig. The rest, depending on your personal style, you can probably dig out of your wardrobe, or pinch from a friend…
Get the look:

  • Bodycon dress from PrettyLittleThing, £35
  • Marge Simpson wig from Amazon, £12
  • Yellow body paint from Amazon, £3.50
  • Red heels from Pink Boutique, £18

2. Kylie Jenner as Dirrty-era Christina Aguilera

Love or loathe Kylie, you can’t deny that she nailed it here. And you’ve got to give props to anyone with enough nerve to wear assless chaps, right?
Get the look:

  • Triangle bikini top from & Other Stories, £9
  • Red boyshorts from Halloween Costumes, £6.99
  • For some unknown reason, we couldn’t find a suitable pair of assless chaps online, but we’d recommend checking out eBay and specialist fancy dress stores!

3. Paris Hilton as Madonna

We’re living in a material world and, er, Paris Hilton is a material girl. So it makes sense that she slays with this tribute to Like a Virgin-era Madonna.
Get the look:

  • Lace bustier from & Other Stories, £39
  • White tulle skirt from Chic Me, £15
  • ‘Boy Toy’ belt buckle from eBay, £9.99
  • Lace gloves from Light in the Box, £2.38
  • White court shoes from Missguided, £22

4. Miley Cyrus as Lil’ Kim

Combine mermaid-inspired whimsy with space age styling and you’ll get something like this. The nipple pasties, the wig, the make-up… it’s all so pretty and perfect.
Get the look:

  • Wig from Jokers’ Masquerade, £7.99
  • Nipple pasties from Amazon, £7.99
  • Have a look at custom one-shoulder (or should have be one-boob?) jumpsuit styles, or go in on a regular purple jumpsuit with some scissors…

5. Perrie Edwards as a mermaid

Perrie’s look is pretty, but it’s definitely eccentric enough to be Halloween-appropriate. If you decide to recreate this outfit, try your hardest to invest in bottom half that looks like a mermaid’s tail, otherwise you’ll run the risk of looking like you’re in Ibiza or off to Bestival.
Get the look:

  • Face and body glitter from NYX, £5.50
  • Shell crown from ChoochieChoo at Etsy, £29.99
  • We’d recommend buying a basic bralette and then gluing your own sequins and shells to it.

6. Ashley Madekwe as Cher Horowitz

Ashley looks like a total Betty with this homage to one of Clueless‘ most memorable fashion moments. This is the sort of Halloween outfit that’ll go the extra mile for you; come November, swap the white knee-highs for black opaques and you’ve a whole new outfit.
Get the look:

7. Christina Ricci as a mime

Surely one of the easiest looks to recreate in a flash, all you’ll need to copy Christina is a striped top, black trousers, braces, a beret, white gloves and average make-up skills.
Get the look:

See Also

  • Top from Vero Moda, £17
  • Braces from eBay, £2.75
  • Gloves from Party Puffin, £1.40
  • Beret from Accessorize, £12
  • Face paint from Amazon, £2.50

8. Carmen Kass as Mia Wallace

When I first saw this picture, I wondered who’d taken this picture of me trying to find my way home after a night out. But then I looked at the shoes and thought, yeah, that’s not me; it’s actually just Carmen Kass’s homage to the biggest babe of Pulp Fiction. Duh! Joking aside, this ‘costume’ is bafflingly easy to replicate at home.
Get the look:

  • Bob wig from eBay, £3.79
  • Shirt from Gap, £26
  • Bra from Boux Avenue (via Amazon), from £4
  • Cigarette trousers from Topshop, £19. In Pulp Fiction, Mia’s outfit features trousers rather than a skirt.

9. Gwen Stefani as Sandy

The 80s are on-trend right now and, depending on how you feel about the disco decade, this is either brilliant or concerning. If Gwen’s outfit is anything to go by, let’s bank on it being the former (how can you resist a hot pink biker jacket?!).
Get the look:

  • Biker jacket from Missguided, £30
  • Disco leggings from Boohoo, £10
  • Shirt from PrettyLittleThing, £15
  • Fake blood from Makeup Revolution, £2

10. Nicole Richie as JLo

Pink velour tracksuits are currently having a non-ironic fashion moment €“ what better time to make like J.Lo?
Get the look:

  • Velour tracksuit from eBay, £15
  • Sunglasses from Amazon, £8
  • Earrings from Amazon, £5
  • Boots from Dune, £67

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