Why you should live in a tiny house

| Small houses allow you to travel the world according to this globe trotter. It’s not surprising that "TRAVEL BIG, LIVE TINY" is her life motto.

Have you heard of the ‘tiny house’ trend? Suddenly, living in a small space with minimal material possessions is damn cool. And here’s why…

This video follows the journey of Jenna, a tiny-house enthusiast who gave up the luxuries of modern living to live out her real passion – travelling! Parking her self-built wooden home amongst the nature in Oregon, after years of having the house on wheels moving from place to place across over 25,000 miles in the States, Jenna can now travel the world by saving money with her simple, eco friendly way of living.


When I’m not living in my Tiny House, I’m backpacking around the world! I believe living small and travelling goes hand in hand. After all, the only reason I can travel the world is because of my simple, affordable lifestyle. My recent budget friendly travels include trips to Iceland, France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Hawaii, Taiwan, Peru, and Guatemala."

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Video by Dylan McGaster

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