VIDEO: The Sexist History of Pockets

I know I can’t speak for all women when I say I love pockets, but surely, it is the same for some if not most. Finding a dress, or shirt or a jumpsuit that you adore is one thing but finding one with pockets elevates me to a whole new level, one step closer to potential world domination if you will. Even if for the most part the pockets seem to be too small to actually fit anything into.

I never really thought about why women’s clothing rarely have pockets, I mean I’ve had the €œOMG I really don’t want to carry a bag, a pocket would make my life right now€ kind of day, but I’ve never delved into the "why women’s clothing lacks pockets" question, until now.

I bet your thinking €œwhy?€ too, and whats the answer? The Patriarchy.

Pockets have been around since the 17th century and have been a staple part of men clothing since then, but for women, not so much. The video below tells you all you need to about pockets in women’s clothing and the lesser known sexism behind the lack of them.

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