The Rise of the Statement Bags

|Check out the best statement bags of the season, and glam up your summer bag style! Style inspiration and much more at FFD.

If anything can be said of accessories at LFW, is that the quirkier the better.

And there is nothing that catches our eye more than the Statement Bag. From sweet inspired cross body bags, to textured shapes and bags so impossible that you can’t help being mesmerized by them… we love them all.

A good bag can turn an outfit around, it can make the dullest ensemble Instagram worthy and an instant viral pinterest hit.

Here are our top bags from LFW.

Too Big to Be True

This is the statement bag to end all statement bags, to be perfectly honest I’m still not 100% sure how it works or what it fits in but, I do know that it would make a show stopping addition to anyones wardrobe!

The more Texture the Better

Black doesn’t have to be boring, add some texture to your bag for an instant outfit lift.

Nostalgia Wins

There is nothing better than sentimental dressing and this goes for sweetie wrapper handbags too!

See Also

Stay Classy

If in doubt of the power of a statement bag go for something classic like the Lulu Guinness lips clutch.

Pair Glitter and Food

There is nothing better than a glitter handbag, go all out with a food related glitter bomb!

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