The Rise Of The Statement Bag

Sarah Beydoun is bringing a whole new different meaning to statement bags. She makes statements for sure, but not just fashion statements, political and social statements also.

From being a young sociology student volunteering with ex-prostitutes in a prison for her thesis, Sarah realised that the women in these situations needed to learn new skills in order to change their lives when they leave the prison.

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Sarah’s latest collection was inspired by the women’s march in Washington DC.
The bags from this particular collection were crafted by a team of female Syrian refugees that were trained in various techniques such as beading, embroidery and stitching by the label itself.

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Each piece features a statement inspired by the feminist movement. This concept is similar to Dior’s (pricey) tees. Sarah’s Bags on the other hand are completely unique and handmade with a different technique and shape €œto represent the diversity of women around the world standing up for each other€.

If this isn’t a statement, I don’t know what it. For those of who are as clued into politics as they are fashion, it is always a beautiful amalgamation when both come together.

Watch the inspiring story of how she started below.

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