The Power of The Podcast: Why we are so obsessed with audio?

| Podcasts are good for you! The brain works harder when you listen to audio content, meaning that your subscriptions are actually a valuable investment.

Why are podcasts having such a big moment in recent years? Is it nostalgia for the golden age of radio, is it our constant thirst for knowledge, news and information? No, my simple theory is that audio content allows us to multitask, which is why its so popular in the age of short attention spans, time starved lifestyles and multiple side hustles.

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I can’t remember the last time I read an actual book from cover to cover, for fun, that wasn’t a fashion tome for university work or a self-help bible type thing. But in the past month I have listened to the audiobook versions of the The Butterfly Effect by Jon Ronson, The Book of The Year by the No Such Thing as a Fish team, and Fucked by Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson. And how did I find out about these books? Via podcasts, of course!

Blinkist has caught on to this trend big time, and launched a new app that summarises full length books in just 15 minutes via quick, easy audio. Part of me feels sad that the hard copy book as a format could be dying, and I long to have more time and energy to get through the novels sitting lonely on my bookshelf. But then again, I often listen to The High Low to get Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton’s run-down of the best books they’ve read that week, and a trip to Waterstones feels rather uneccasary after that.

I’m obsessed with audio, it is easily digestible and, for a freelancer like me, can be listened to everywhere including while I work. Podcasts make the time fly by on long commutes or boring admin days, and I can learn something new every day, from biology to technology, comedy to true crime, fashion to politics. Having a phone or tablet on us at all times, podcast stations on our apple TV, countless apps to enable this content and even voice-first devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo in our homes- its more accesible than ever.

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Radio has been around for well over a century; before any of the new media we enjoy today. But today more than ever, it is the ideal format to consume content; on demand, on the go, and on repeat.

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