New Supermodel Won't Be Retouched Without Fight

Eating doughnuts with zero guilt and appearing on billboards with zero retouching, Iskra Lawrence shares how she survived modelling’s often toxic norms and is redefining body confidence.

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UK model Iskra Lawrence is a long-time champion of better body diversity and improving the image of women in the media, after years of being told she was 'too big' for normal modelling jobs and 'not big enough' for plus size positions.

She is also a brand ambassador for NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association), and the face of Aerie, American Eagle Outfitters' underwear brand, working with completely unretouched fashion imagery.

Here, Iskra bears all, totally unafraid, in a video for StyleLikeU.

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StyleLikeU is defined as a self-acceptance revolution through style, empowering people to express their true selves.' The mother-daughter duo believed that 'True Style Is Self Acceptance'.

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Their 'What’s Underneath' project is a series of docu-style video portraits where people of all ages, races, body types, genders and abilities remove layers of clothing while sharing honest, empowering stories related to style, self-image and identity. 'What’s Underneath' quickly became a viral phenomenon, empowering viewers around the world to reject society’s limited norms and discover a sense of freedom and comfort in their own skin.

Video by StyleLikeU

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