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  • The Ultimate List Of Colorful Instagram Accounts To Follow

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    Posted: October 05, 2017 Posted: October 05, 2017
    The Ultimate List Of Colorful Instagram Accounts To Follow

    | Less is more, but with regards to colour we believe there is no such thing. A list of inspirational colour orientated instagrams to brighten up your feed

    With over 500 million users and counting, Instagram can be a minefield to find new accounts to follow. And with the new algorithm firmly (and frustratingly) in place, it's getting even harder to discover some fresh, original, colourful meat. Don't get me wrong, there's no denying the appeal of the clean and simple VSCO aesthetic. It's been taken on by millions for a reason, but how many times can a girl really look at an obsessively arranged flat lay on a marble before it becomes a little blah?

    Not all of us have have ultra tanned silky smooth skin to show off and have other things on the agenda - colour. Yes folks the rumours are true! Colorful Instagram accounts do infact exist - if you know where to look for them! So no matter your tastes—food, architecture, fashion—there’s something out there that will entice you to brighten up your feed. Here's FFD's ultimate list of colourful instagrams to follow.


    Possibly my favourite account in the history of instagram, this Spanish artist and designer has the most inventive and colourful style I've ever seen. Constantly breaking rules and boundries, her #OOTD's are just as interesting as her sense of #Aesthetic. Be prepared, Miranda is all about the collabs so be preapred to pine over everthing she wears and creates.


    It's true! If Wes Anderson and Gucci had a baby, that baby would be Amy Rolland AKA A Fashion Nerd. Her quirky and fun sense of style matched with her INSANE editing capabilities makes for one of your new favourite intstagram accounts. What's more is she's a total boss too.

    A post shared by Amy Roiland (@afashionnerd) on


    One of the first accounts I fell for, artist Elise Mesner has a knack for turning everyday objects into something more. A girl after my own heart she plays with everything from loaves of bread to cracked eggs, these are her weird and incredibly wonderful creations.

    A post shared by Elise Mesner (@lellopepper) on


    If you think I've been fangirling over each and every one of these high pigmented creations, you'd be right.


    Playing with your food has never looked so fun! Charlotte's pastel feed brings smiles onto everyones face - including broccoli, bread, soup and every other edible imaginable!


    This girl can legit find beauty in everything, and I mean everything. From shower curtains to doorhandles, this Stockholm-based interior architect has an eye for the brightest things in life.


    Denise sells incredible vintage clothes in Los Angeles through @pinkinvintage instagram. Her account is full of unconventional outfits, unique pieces and psychedelic colours. This is vintage like you never saw it before.


    Living in her technicolour world, Marisol is our psychedelic princess living in LA. Filling our feeds full of the kitch and the colourful she is srsly bringing goovy back.

    A post shared by Marisol Muro (@marisolmuro) on


    How this girl makes Washington, D.C. look like Candy Land is beyond us, but her blog, Colour Index, is that consistent reminder for us to wear more colour - you know, if we ever needed one!

    A post shared by Monling Lee (@monlinglee) on


    Making rainbow style look easy from her head to her toes, this girl has it all under control when it comes to combining colours and styles.

    A post shared by Cyn (@hotpinkpineapples) on


    This beautiful Haitian is the founder of a brand of head wraps called Fanmdjanm. Made for strong women, you'll soon see why we're so inspired by her incredible self and sense of style.


    Art director Mireia has one of the most beautifully themed feeds I've ever seen. A mix of OOTD's with matching graphic designs, she expresses herself with prints and colour and I can't get enough.


    It's all about that aesthetic after all! From regrams, nature shots, and the occasional bit of nudity, this LA director/photographer's feed has something for everyone.

    A post shared by jimmy marble (@jimmymarble) on


    Started by blogger Alyssa Garrison, Random Acts of Pastel actually started as street art concept when she started painting everyday objects around Toronto in pastel colors.


    Graphic styling at its finest.


    You can’t look at Studio DIY’s photos and NOT feel totally happy. She’s so creative and utterly adorable.

    A post shared by Kelly Mindell (@studiodiy) on


    If your interests include flamingos, cupcakes, and bright colourful dream houses, you've come to the right place. This Atlanta-based 'grammer is an instant pick-me-up.


    If you like cake, happiness and puppies (and let's face it, if you don't why are you here) then Runner should be a real favourite.

    A post shared by @runnerkimhall on


    Designer and self proclaimed fashion clown, Hester is the cutie pattootie that encourages you to take fashion - and life - a lot less seriously.

    A post shared by Hester Sunshine (@besta_hesta) on


    Buenos Aires-based studio makes us think Pantone might need to watch its back when it comes to color forecasting. So much unexpected color palette goodness, you won’t want to miss it.

    A post shared by Eloisa (@elo_____) on


    If you don't follow Aww Sam yet we almos judge you, almost. Based in New York, this product designer lives in a candy coloured world full of DIY, confetti and donuts. What's not to love?!

    A post shared by Sam Ushiro (@aww.sam) on


    FFD's own Editor in Chief Amanda shares with us her cotton candy view of the world, mixing snaps of her life, her travels and her incredible subscription box business.

    A post shared by Honey Pop (@honey_pop) on


    As make up brand Illamasqua's content creator, it's no wonder that tangerine queen Pip is high up colourful favourites list.

    A post shared by ✨Pip Jolley✨ (@pipjolley) on


    Formally Miss West End Girl, Lynsay has been brining sunshine into our worlds for what feels like forever. Her up beat, can do attatude is so infectious, even through a glass screen!

    A post shared by Lynsay Loves (@lynsayloves) on


    One of insta's brightest and most colourful rainbows, Nat's feed is full of epic shots and endless outfit inspo.


    All the coloured hair inspo one person would ever need, feel that fantasy.


    Taste the rainbow with all this colour. Walk your way through each stage of the rainbow while basking in all Chloes creativity.

    A post shared by by CHLOE. (@eatbychloe) on


    Quirky pink haired style blogger is always guarenteed to brighten up your day.


    Finding perhaps the best coloured houses for every #ootd occassion, Kristabel gives you style and home goals.


    Perhaps one of the sassiest senioritas on instagram, with the business to boot.

    A post shared by Helena Lester-Card (@helibells) on


    Meet your new favourite makeup inspo account. Self taught and just 18 years young, this girl know how to play paints!

    A post shared by hannah (@atlantip) on


    Videos, hair colours, incredible backdrops, is there anything she can't do?

    A post shared by Siobhan (@justauniform) on


    Does exactly what it says on the tin (I mean, handle).


    Another one of our own, Daisy is queen of pastelised texture and disco tits. If that was a thing, which of course it is.

    A post shared by Daisy Keens (@pieandfash) on


    This account is not a dream, I repeat, this account is not a dream.

    A post shared by Kailey Flyte (@mermaidens) on


    The undisputed queen of the flat lay.


    It's like her life is seen through a pastel kelidoscope, and it is just darn beautiful.


    A daily dose of colour blocking, ahhh, just what the doctor ordered!

    A post shared by A n n a (@annaroslily) on


    One quarter of the confetti crowd, Lulu has been dishing out rainbows from post one!


    Travelling in technicolour, this Parisian can find a bright spot a mile away - literally!


    She has actual rainbow hair. Need I say more?


    Another from the confetti crowd, but what of it? This singer songwriter does'nt shy away from loud colours, and we love it!


    If retro modernism was a thing, then I'm pretty sure it was because of Clare Nicolson!


    Too sassy for most of us tbf.

    A post shared by mikafrancis (@mikafrancis) on


    Liverpool's finest rainbow brite!

    A post shared by Stephi LaReine (@stephilareine) on


    Double trouble! These two BFFs are perhaps the cutest of them all.


    If you have this thing with floors, then we bet your bottom dollar you'd have a thing with these walls too!


    Speaking of walls, how in the name of all that is instagramable does Rosie Clayton find them all?!


    It wouldn't be a colourful instagram rundown without some self promotion now, would it? Follow me for your daily dose of Vitamin C.

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