The Importance Of Lifting Each Other Up

This past week I have seen so many women supporting each other, promoting each other’s businesses and generally being all ovaries before brovaries. It gave me all the warm fuzzies.


There’s always a but isn’t there?

I’ve also seen the usual girl on girl hate, women attacking women, girls being hateful because they are jealous of their peer’s success, and you know what? It’s getting us nowhere. What we need to be doing is supporting each other and lifting each other up, it takes the same amount of energy to be nice as it does to be a bitch and you’ll feel infinitely better, you’ll make someone else’s day AND you will reap the rewards of creating positive energy.

Comparison is the thief of joy, everyone is on their own journey so there is no point in playing the green-eyed monster, it will only make you feel inadequate and do nothing for your drive. Having someone do better than you takes nothing away from your journey or from your contribution! Put the green-eyed monster to bed & focus on the positives.

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On the other hand I get that there are people you don’t like. No one likes everyone, it’s not human nature, but this is where the age old saying comes into play – "if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all". I’m not saying this applies to all situations, but if you see someone doing something you don’t like? Ignore them! Watch someone’s Youtube Video and decide to say something mean just to get a reply? DON’T.

Would you walk up to a stranger in the street and say what you write? I didn’t think so.

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