The Fashion Journey of Victoria Beckham

We are not talking her personal journey here, although that must come into it, no we are talking about her journey as a designer.

From that first lackluster collection to her most recent showcase the growth is clearly visible. And even though whilst researching this article everyone under the sun applauded her first collection, looking back it does not add up, sure it reflected her style, but, whilst we can all agree that VB rocked the LBD, she sure as hell couldn't design back then.

Luckily for us VB has moved away from the body con midi dress in life and design. Her tastes have grown, and matured into something elegant and edgy. For AW17 the collection focuses on knitwear, geometric patterns, tailoring and muted tones.

AW17 is a homage to masculine & feminine, mixing and intertwining both with a use of tailoring, contrasting fabrics and bold shapes.

Images from Victoria Beckham & the Telegraph

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