The Essential University Starter Kit

Are you counting down the days until you move into student halls of residence, drag yourself out of bed for those dreaded 9am lectures, and meet loads of new friends at university? Today we are sharing the five essential products you should stock up on before you head off to start your student journey. (Not mentioned here is a year’s supply of loo roll, baked beans, beer and pot noodle)

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1. Phone Chargers

If you’re moving in with a big group of other students, trust me- you will lose your phone charger on a weekly basis as your new friends help themselves to whatever cable is nearby. Stock up on spare chargers for those moments when your phone needs some juice, or even better, buy a self-charging phone case or a portable power bank.


Battery Charger iPhone Case, Morphie, £89.95


Mini Emergency Android Charger, ASOS, £9.99

2. Weekly Planner

Being thrown head first into student life can be a bit of a mindfuck, with deadlines everywhere, and classes to keep track of and of course, a busier than ever social life. A wall planner and a paper diary can help you get organised at university.


Bando month planner diary, ASOS, £20


Weekly planner pad, Busy B, £9.99

3. Comfy Cushions

When you start university, you will probably be living in a much smaller space than you’re used to, so to make it feel like home, add some affordable accents, like colourful, quirky cushions to uplift your living space.


Sloth pillow, Urban Outfitters, $49


Biba Tiger print cushion, House of Fraser, £28

4. Recipe Book

Don’t live up to the classic student stereotype of not knowing how to boil an egg or living off Domino’s pizza, learn some easy, quick and cheap recipes from a simple cookbook and your flatmates, and parents, will thank you later.

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The Hungry Student Cookbook, Amazon, £8.99


Tiny Budget Cooking recipe book, Amazon, £14.99

5. Makeup Wipes

Last but certainly not least, after one too many nights out, especially during fresher’s week, your strict skincare routine will almost certainly slip under the radar, so its time to invest in some seriously good makeup remover- not those 99p baby wipes that strip away all your natural oils.


Mascara Off Wipes, Eyeko, £6.00


Yes to Coconut Cleansing Wipes, Superdrug, £3.99

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