The Coolest Jobs in Fashion

| Not all fashion jobs are like what you see on Project Runway. Fashion is a huge industry that has many intelligent workers in the cogs.

I used to think that without a doubt, the coolest job in fashion was that of Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, and I still, like every fashion student, dream of sitting in that prestigious throne. The second coolest job was, of course, a supermodel. But recently, careers in the fashion industry have expanded and diversified massively, adapting to the changing digital landscape, and there are new opportunities appearing left, right and centre that are more exciting and intriguing than ever.

Some people I am extremely envious and in awe of in the industry are those that totally carve their own paths. Chiara Ferragni, aka The Blonde Salad, has arguably become fashion’s most influential blogger, morphing into a multi-media, multi-platform, multi-industry mega influencer. I also really respect educators who set out to do more than just teach the status quo, including Tom Handley, PR and fashion communications/promotions proffessor at Parsons in New York, and Emily Ford-Halliday, fashion lecturer and sustainability warrior from Edinburgh College of Art.

A recent postition I am absolutely envious of is the Fashion and Textiles curator at the new V & A design museum in Dundee. The thought of exploring history through thte medium of style and dress just makes my little heart squeal. Finally, I think the guy with one of the coolest jobs in fashion is Imran Ahmed, founder and director of The Business of Fashion, the hugely inspiring, informative and invaluable online fashion business resource, essential for all working in the industry.

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Scrolling through job sites like Fashion Workie and Drapers, I’m seeing so many cool careers being advertised; its brilliant to see companies grow to new heights and create positions for every niche in this vast market. For example, you could be a senior retoucher for ecommerce photography, graphic design guru at a major creative agency, influencer marketing expert for fashion PR firms, a supermodel manager suring fashion week or even a social media specialist for luxury brands. The point is, there is so much more in fashion than just designing clothes, so I encourage school leavers or career switchers to really explore the options for this exciting and innovative industry.

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If you’re looking for even more fashion-forward fashion jobs, check out these six fashion careers of the future:

  1. 3D Printing Engineer
  2. Consumer Psychologist
  3. Data Scientist
  4. Fabric Research Technologist
  5. Sustainability Expert
  6. Personal Styist

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