The Best of Festival Fashion as told by Instagram

| Festival clothes & beauty trends from Coachella that you can steal and make your own this summer. From bralets to cyber buns, we’ve got you covered.

Coachella marks the start of festival season and boy has Instagram taken notice! And no wonder, with it’s palm tree backdrop, air conditioned toilets, and XXXL VIP space, it’s pretty much the runway for festival fashion, and the #inspo for Pinterest boards and #ootds to come. Sure, festival style has gotten some flack lately for its glittering, feathery uniformity, but fear not. While there were plenty of iterations of that typical Coachella dress code this weekend, scores of stylish women still managed to think outside the flower crown. Here are the top trends for festival fashion as told by Instagram.

The Bralette

Worn layered or on it’s own, the bralette took center stage across all style genres, from rock and roll to hippy chic.

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Cyber buns

You can basically award double buns spiked with glitter as the Coachella look for 2017. Done in every hair texture and colour, the look came in half up, all up, and every other version you could imagine €” and each rendition was cuter than the last.

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If ever an impractical trend would make it anywhere, it would be metal chainmail in a country so hot you can cook eggs on a car bonnet.

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These were EVERYWHERE at Coachella. And I mean everywhere. More specifically? Wide fishnets, worn high on the waist or even a touch on the ankle. Bet those tan lines are making you feel pretty silly now, eh?

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Always a style staple across all festivals, crochet at Coachella of course takes the trend to the next level.

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Glitter Face

You know you are now not doing a festival correctly if you didn’t need 1000 face wipes and perhaps some turps (KIDDING) at the end of the night. Manchester-based company, The Gypsy Shrine were at a few Coachella parties glitzing up the party-goers making everyone into a fully fleged unicorn.

As a tradition, the rest of the highlighted trends feature the usual suspects of itty bitty jean shorts, florals, and so much abs.

So tell us, what you wearing this festival season?

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