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Hostels are so last season darling, and don’t even get me started on Europe’s budget hotels. We know the Trump Hotels look appealing, but if you are planning a trip away there really is nothing better than an Airbnb.

From Cotswold to Costa Rica, Airbnb has just what you are looking for. Whether you want to curl up in a clam, or make your bed in a beer barrel, the days of bunking up and simply settling are long gone. (And thank goodness for that!) Really,  the tough part is choosing where to visit next! So why not turn this holiday booking around and find the destination through accommodation? 

Well FFD are here to help cherry-pick the coolest, quirkiest, and most all-around awesome Airbnb listings online. Send us a postcard?

Private Island, Brother Island, Philippines

Who needs a house when you can rent your whole damn Island?! If you are looking for some solitude, you can’t get better than this. Enjoy all by yourself (or with up to nine guests) prices include 3 organic meals a day, Island staff and flights from the mainland.
Prices from £246 Per Night

Round Yurt, Norwich

A bit closer to home, well, Norwich to be exact. Live the rustic life with this amazing Yurt accomodation. Don’t let the size fool you, this round house, yurt combo has all the capabilities of a city stop over. Well, with a difference!
Prices from £40 Per Night

Bamboo Eco Cottage, Bali, Indonesia

Be kind to the planet as you lap up holiday luxury in this impressive eco-cottage, which slays in style and sustainability. Take a leisurely snooze in a curtain-enclosed bed fit for royalty, and savour your Indonesian coffee each morning on your private patio, as you gaze out over the rice fields.
Prices from £34 Per Night

Seashell House, Mexico

You used to call me from your shell-home (!!!) If you’re looking for something particularly jaw dropping, Seashell House is a whitewashed, curvilinear villa in Isla Mujeres, Mexico €” and it’s looks just like, well, an actual seashell. Take the round staircase up to the master bedroom, which boasts stunning views of the Caribbean sea. Rumour has it it turns you into a mermaid too*.
*it doesn’t turn you into a mermaid)
Prices from £224 Per Night

Mirrored House, Pennsylvania

Mirror, mirror on the wall(s), surely this is the fairest of them all? Check out this awesome artists apartment is the literal term of living art.
Prices from £135 Per Night

Bamboo House, Bali

I may have a thing for Bamboo, but! With four floors and three bedrooms full of the stuff, this home for up to seven even comes with it’s own personal chef! Well, I don’t think it could be more instagram-able if you tried.
Prices From £266 Per Night

Cube House, Rotterdam, Netherlands

CUBE-ULAR! The kooky space is spread over three floors and accommodates 4, with a cozy box room at the top that offers epic 360-degree views. Amsterdam is less than an hour away by train, but would you really want to leave this architectural heaven? Spotting which one is yours has never been so easy!
Prices from £127 Per Night

Glamping Dome, Scotland

If Bear Grylls isn’t your idea of a good time, give Glamping a go! Suprisingly spacious, these dome like tents are the perfect way to star gaze, you know, if you get bored of the surrounding sights of Ben Lawers mountain range and Loch Tay.
Prices from £75 Per Night

Van Gogh’s Bedroom, Chicago

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Stay in a replica of Van Gogh’s bedroom as depicted in the artist’s own work. Uh huh, you can sleep inside your very own painting. This special experience has been launched to coincide with The Art Institute of Chicago’s new exhibition, which showcases domestic spaces that Van Gogh painted. What a masterpiece!
Prices from £8 Per Night

Muffin Mansion, Oakland, USA

Yes, you can in fact stay in this neon delight of a trailer, also known as Muffin Mansion. For those who like life more colourful, this once-upon-a-time cupcake shop is the kitschest, and cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Please take us with you.
Prices from £61 per night

Secluded Treehouse, Atlanta, Georgia

OK, this may put our childhood efforts to shame but something tells us this American getaway isn’t just your average treehouse. Weirdly perched in the heart of the busy city and right in amongst the tree tops) we’re just one reckless life decision away from moving in for good.
Prices from £302 per night

Dog House, Idaho

You want quirky? I’ll give you quirky. How about this incredible, beagle-shaped inn in Cottonwood, Idaho? HA! Told ya! Cozy up with selections from their library of books, games & puzzles many of which are dog themed. Naturally, it’s puppy friendly too.
Prices from £101 Per Night

Originally Published on 04 Feb 17

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