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  • The Best Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Podcasts

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    Posted: November 26, 2018 Posted: November 26, 2018
    The Best Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Podcasts

    |If you're into sustainability, ethical consumerism and podcasts, we've got just the right fix for you!

    So, you love ethical fashion, right? And you can't get enough of podcasts, right?! Finally, you can combine these passions, as we're here to help you find the very best episodes to add to your listening list. From interviews with innovative designers to debates about animal rights, and from case studies of garment workers to news about sustainable textiles, swot up on all things ethical fashion with these 18 amazing podcasts!


    Sustainability In Metaphysics

    Does Price Make Luxury?

    Transparency In Social Responsibility

    Making Good

    Making a difference with thoughtful choices – in life, in business and in fashion

    Man Repeller

    Mara Hoffman on Melding Activism and Fashion


    Cultural Appropriation

    The Rich Roll Podcast

    Andrew Morgan on the True Cost of Fast Fashion

    Joshua Katcher: Reimagining fashion as environmentally & ethically sound


    Wardrobe Crisis

    Christopher Raeburn, Upcycling Legend

    Fast Fashion Question Time

    Timo Rissanen, Design Can Save Us

    Fashion No Filter

    Eco Warriors

    The Slow Home

    Ethical Fashion with Melinda Tually of Fashion Revolution

    Conscious Chatter

    Fashion and the Sharing Economy

    Ethical Fashion as a Privelliged White Girl Thing

    Personal Style as Sustainability

    Fashion Revolution

    Who Made My Clothes: The Garment Worker Diaries

    Who Made My Clothes: Garment Workers’ Voices

    Who Made My Clothes: Working Together Towards Change

    Fashion Unzipped

    Can fashion bring women’s rights to Saudi Arabia?

    Conscious Creative Vegan

    A Deep Dive into Sustainable Fashion, Vegan Materials and How to Love Your Wardrobe


    The Debrief

    Ethical Fashion: What Is It And How Can I Do It?

    Business of Fashion

    How the Jewellery Industry Can Uphold Human Rights and Be More Sustainable

    The Great Fur Debate

    Fashion and Philanthropy

    The Power of Circularity

    The Plant Based Podcast

    Bravely Challenging the Perception of Ethical Fashion

    Low Tox Life

    Building an Ethical Fashion Brand with Hannah Parris

    Behind the scenes of an ethical fashion career with Carol Miltimore

    Behind The Thread

    Fashion Revolution Transparency Index

    Getting real on minimum wages

    Are fast fashion ecolines really legit?

    Is China’s manufacturing success finally catching up with it?