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  • The Best East Asian Beauty YouTubers

    Posted: February 14, 2019 Posted: February 14, 2019
    The Best East Asian Beauty YouTubers

    We have had quite a few East Asian beauty articles here on fashion fix daily, so we are obsessed, but it can be a little hard to navigate a beauty market across the other side of the world. The solution? YouTube, of course.

    YouTube is actually the solution to most things. Need to learn how eat healthy? YouTube. Need to learn how to change a tyre? YouTube. Need technical advice (which really means why your computer has a weird blue screen)? Then YouTube. It is literally endless amounts of content at your fingertips. There are so many East Asian beauty vloggers out there, just like the Western beauty world these influencers love YouTube, but there can be language barriers as – duh - many of the vloggers speak their native languages. To make this process super easy we have broken down a list of the best East Asian YouTubers that cover everything to the famous 10 step routine to the best beauty products on the market.

    Side note, these particular content creators have been chosen specifically as the best way to introduce yourself into what might be the new world of East Asian beauty, so these videos will either be in English of come along with subtitles.

    PONY Syndrome

    First up is Pony, whose real name is Park Hye Min (remember Korean surnames come first) and she is the literal queen of the Korean beauty world. She is most known in the West for her ridiculous Taylor Swift transformation video (seriously I don’t understand how she did that) but generally, Pony’s makeup skills are second to none. Not just a makeup artist, she actually has her own brand called, unsurprisingly, Pony’s makeup. Gaining fame through her work with CL from 2NE1, she has an impressive 3.6 million YouTube subscribers and 4.8 million Instagram followers, making her not only an accomplished and talented makeup artist, but a powerhouse in the K-beauty world. Not much is known about Pony as, unlike many influencers, she tends to keep her private life pretty private.


    Generally speaking, most East Asian makeup tends to fall towards pretty and girly, hence so do most of the influencers. That is except for SSIN, known for her androgynous style and her super easy-going attitude, SSIN is kind of an anomaly in the East Asian beauty world. Perhaps I’m biased as she is probably my favourite East Asian YouTuber but she is a breath of fresh air in what can be quite super feminine world. Famous for her transformation into female and male K-Pop stars which each gain on average a million views per video, proving she is a K-beauty force to be reckoned with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that she can’t do girly: she even has a feminine alter ego which she calls Lady SSIN (which has something to do with the Korean term for goddess) that wears a long-haired wig and attempts to be a little demure.

    Edward Avila

    Probably the most controversial on this list, Edward definitely isn’t shy about his opinions. American born Edward has lived in South Korea for years, fully immersing himself into the world of Korean beauty, making him one of the fiercest and one of the few male voices in East Asian beauty. Known for his K-Pop recreation looks (I’m sensing a theme here) and his no nonsense reviews, another stand out thing about Edward, which I know many of his fans appreciate, is his battle with acne and skin problems. The world of Asian beauty can be a tough place if you don’t have the perfect skin; skincare, particularly in South Korea, is such a big deal that it’s probably more appropriate to call it religion-like, and due to this they tend to prefer lighter makeup compared to the West where full coverage is popular. Light coverage is fine when your skin is perfect but if you need a little extra help and coverage Edward is a good guide to go for. As well as makeup, Edward has featured skincare, skin treatments and even plastic surgery procedures which in the Asian beauty world can go hand in hand.


    Mixing Eastern and Western products, this Hong Kong born, US based YouTuber serves as a great intro to the world of East Asian beauty. Taking the hugely important ethics of East Asian beauty-like skincare, she merges popular trends from both beauty industries. And while most of these Youtubers will use majority of Korean of East Asian products IAMKARENO tends to favour Western products proving that even if you can’t get your hands of the Korean or Chinese products you can still re-create the looks. Not just a Beauty influencer she also has her own clothing brand, UMO Style.

    Kim Dao

    Vietnamese, but born in Australia, this YouTuber covers a whole range of stuff including East Asian beauty. Perhaps not as popular as some on this list, I wanted to include because her she covers, amongst other things, Japanese beauty, which strangely can be really hard to find out about. With some of the most influential makeup trends originating in Japan, it’s strange that more YouTubers don’t cover it. While there are a few Japanese vloggers on YouTube, they pretty much exclusively upload in Japanese without subtitles. YouTube isn’t as popular in Japan as it is in say, Korea, so perhaps that’s why, but Kim Dao gives a great introduction to the many Japanese products available. While she doesn’t really do many instructional makeup videos, Japanese makeup trends are so popular all over East Asia that pretty much all the other influencers will cover these looks, from the fruit makeup to the hangover makeup trends.

    **The Beauty Breakdown** Okay, so. She is a little annoying… well, her intro makes me want to die, but there is nobody better when it comes to breaking down Korean beauty products. Her real name is Morgan Alison Stewart and she does pretty much all the standard beauty vlogger videos, from get-ready-with-me to makeup tutorials, but the real genius of her channel is product reviews and skincare. Starting out in the world of Asian makeup can be overwhelming and so her channel is a must as she breaks down the different products, hence the channel name. Nothing she is doing is ground-breaking but her channel can definitely serve as the perfect guide to all things K-Beauty, from explaining the difference between serums and ampoules, to doing first impressions of new products and even breaking down the 10 step skincare routine that is so popular at the moment.

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