The 5 Lingerie Bloggers You Need To Follow

| Love yourself and your body. You don’t need to be a lingerie model to wear a pretty lingerie set. Here are some beautiful lingerie bloggers to show you how.

Whether you’re a card carrying member of the itty-bitty-titty committee or you find yourself somewhere closer to the middle of the alphabet, there are few things more unifying than truly beautiful lingerie.

From shaping and sculpting to barely there lace appliqués, there’s hardly an itch not scratched in the expansive world of lingerie. We’ve got retro throw backs paying loving homage to a bygone era and making beautiful accurate recreations, countered by main stream lingerie’s revitalised love affair with bondage inspired undergarments. For something that is so little on show (thankfully thats changing because pants these good DESERVE to be seen) – we can’t help but be total lingerie addicts and here’s but a small collection of the best lingerie bloggers demystifying the boudoir.

Morning Madonna


Morning Madonna has one of the most carefully curated lingerie collection’s we’ve seen. Meticulously selecting and highlighting the best small lingerie brands along with a few cult favourites, the enthusiasm and passion for underwear really shines through.

Based in Scotland and skewing towards pieces best suited for a smaller bust – Morning Madonna has carved out her niche with stunning editorial style imagery coupled with some really well thought out pieces on lingerie. We think her guide to building a cohesive collection is an EXCELLENT place to start.

The Lingerie Raven


The Lingerie Raven reads like a visual diary of a lingerie enthusiast, mixing lo-fi soft tonal visuals coupled with detailed reviews highlighting her favourite lingerie on tumblr. Yes, expect detailed descriptions covering everything from sweet and light pastels to coquettish jewel tones – but more than anything The Lingerie Raven captures the feeling of wearing lingerie perfectly.

Lace and Haze


We feel it may be a little bit reductive to use the word intimate when describing bloggers who write about, well their intimates, but really it’s the best way to describe Lace and Haze. Her photography has an element of warm voyeurism here – without feeling intrusive. This Australian lingerie blogger skews towards vintage cuts and a real focus on craftsmanship. Here the underwear isn’t just beautiful but serves a purpose and is ideal if you’re looking on creating a classic retro silhouette.

Comic Girls Need Bras

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A French comic book geek and lingerie enthusiast. Could this women be any more our spirit animal? Comic Girls Need Bras is one for the bustier ladies. You’ll still see plenty of familiar names like Playful Promises and Avocado next to some smaller brands. Gorgeously styled and shot in a relaxed style, it’s sexy without being overtly erotic and is essential reading.

Fuller Figure Bust


Possibly the most prolific blogger on this list is Fuller Figure Bust. While not exclusively a lingerie blog – focusing also on fitness, fashion and lifestyle – no list of top underwear bloggers would be complete without her. With her wry wit, Fuller Figure Bust has a smart, sexy and more importantly informative blog for those bustier babes out there. Covering everything from how bra sizes do not exist without back sizes (PREACH) to finding the perfect strapless bra, this site couples practicality with some really beautiful lingerie. What more could you possibly want?

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