The 2017 Beauty Trends You Need To Know About

| All beauty trends come and go, but these are the latest hair & makeup hacks that you will need to know.

If you are a keen follower of trends, or you just like to keep on top of what’s popular, this guide to the main beauty trend predictions for 2017 is for you. From hair and makeup to nails and beauty tech, these are the styles and innovations that will be everywhere this year.


So many beauty experts are predicting a big change in how we wear our hair. Natural, air-dried hair is to take over from heat-styled hair in a major way. Eugene Souleiman, Wella’s Global Creative Director of Care & Styling created the hair looks for the Roland Mouret SS17 catwalk show and they donned undone styles. Wella are calling the trend Real Life Beautiful and Eugene says that it’s about leaving your hair looking close to its natural state.

Sephora and trend prediction company Innovation Group are also heralding the trend of letting your hair be its natural self through air-drying and eliminating heat styling. Using leave-in conditioners and anti-frizz sprays on your wet hair will help tame it and keep it looking smooth and glossy.

In terms of colour, top London hair colourists Jo Hansford have announced their official colour trend of 2017 as Contourage. This takes the cult Balayage technique even further. It’s still a bespoke colouring technique that involves hand painting, but it’s designed to sculpt the face instead of just adding texture. Fie Karayannis, Senior Colourist at Jo Hansford, says that Contourage is a mixture of Balayage and highlighting, where lighter colours are placed around the areas of the face that naturally reflect light (such as the cheekbones and brow bones) and then darker shades are placed behind this to accentuate your face’s natural contours.

Makeup & Nails

When it comes to makeup, semi-permanent brow makeup, in the form of Microblading, is set to be huge. This form of cosmetic tattooing is already all over Pinterest and Instagram and is a way to enhance your natural brows and reduce the time of your daily brow grooming routine. Practitioners use a hand-held, manual tool to draw on tiny, natural-looking hairs by depositing the pigment into the skin with a small blade. It looks incredibly realistic and the pigment doesn’t go as deep into the skin as with a regular tattoo. It’s life changing for people with sparse brows or those who want a more defined arch. Soon everyone will be doing it.

Look Magazine are predicting that we’ll all be embracing more of our natural skin this year by paring back our foundation and letting our own skin show through. They say that teaming this natural base with a bold lip (such as an ombre look or just a highly-pigmented shade) will be where it’s at in 2017.

In terms of makeup packaging, the Innovation Group are nodding towards a rise in gender-neutral beauty, where the designs of our makeup will become increasingly less feminine. Men wearing makeup is huge on Instagram, so they predict that makeup will become more about being a gender-neutral tool of creative expression, rather than just a way to enhance female beauty.

Over on the nail front, Pinterest is championing the trend of chrome nails – nails that are high-shine and mirror-like. Things won’t just stop at gold and silver tones either – the likes of pink chrome nails are popping up on the site and proving really popular.

Skincare & Tech

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Beauty shopping giants Sephora are also predicting a big rise in charcoal skincare products. Charcoal is already a really popular ingredient, but they say this is set to increase. Charcoal detoxes the skin, de-congests pores and minimises the appearance of them too. In deodorants it’s also great at absorbing sweat.

Experts are also predicting a rise in sustainable beauty as we, the consumer, are becoming more globally-conscious. Ethical brands such as Weleda have been doing it since 1921, but other beauty brands will increasingly change the way their products are made and how their ingredients are sourced.

Finally, as technology takes over the rest of the world, it will take over the beauty industry too. We have already seen a few beauty products utilising tech, but according to the Innovation Group, this is set to significantly rise this year. Last year, Wired Beauty used crowdfunding to launch Mapo, a face mask that links to your phone to analyse your skin and make suggestions on the beauty routine that’s best for you. Market research firm Mintel suggest that these 2017 innovations could include antiperspirants that report on your sweat levels and hair grips that measure the hydration level of your hair.

Trend predictions don’t always come true and often unexpected things spring up on social media that end up taking over the industry and turning existing trends upside down. There is no doubt about it though, 2017 is going to be a big year for beauty.

Main Image – kinkate via Pixabay

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