Taking a risk – Motivational Monday

|Risk is scary, but being a risk taker can be much more rewarding than staying comfortable.

Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Richard Davies.

Stop trying to control everything.

Sometimes taking a chance or a risk and picking up the pieces or apologising later is better than inaction.

Sometimes the only difference between the person you idolise or envy and yourself is their ability to run before they can walk, to throw caution to the wind and push ahead without thinking about the consequences.

It can be hard to be that brash and unforgiving so lets start with the simple question that Dr Pepper made famous: what’s the worst that can happen?

Think about what you want or where you want to be. Taking a trip somewhere? Going for a promotion? Opening your own business? Cutting off all your hair? Whatever it is just ask yourself that simple question.

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Was it as bad as you thought? Probably not. Life is about risk and putting yourself out there. We only get one go at this, don’t regret the missed chances.

Take a risk today. I bet the world doesn’t end.

Originally posted on 31 Oct 16

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