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    Rope Sandals: Budget vs Blowout

    Every year when summer comes around, I panic about which sandals to wear. Is the gladiator sandal back on trend? Are people still wearing the infamous slider? Are espadrilles cool again? Can I still wear my old Birkenstocks? What about wedges? It's a first world problem at its finest, but

    Fashion in Pakistan – Top Trends

    |The beautiful fashion of Pakistan, is inspired by diversity, understated elegance and utter uniqueness. Get your indie style fix, right here! Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer M. Siddiqui. Diversity is the Spice of Life Fashion in Pakistan is celebrated across the map due to its diversity in style,

    7 Handbag Trends To Carry In 2017

    | The high end and high street alternatives of the trendiest and most stylish bags of 2017. Fashion Fix Daily giving you the bargains and the impulse buys of handbags. There are few things that can make our hearts race like a good handbag. From high street to high end they