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FFD's Weekly Reading Round up

This week we have been talking about the best apps for fashion lovers, how to meditate when you are stressed as hell and THAT twitter storm about Instagram Fraud. But what have we been reading at the Fashion Fix Daily office? Here is our round up of the best fashion

BNTM - Behind the Scenes on Episode 6

Hello Britain's Next Top Model fans! I have to say, that last episode was an absolute roller coaster for me! I really find it quite difficult to watch myself on television (it's like the sensation of hearing your voice recorded x1000) so the fact that I was quite prominent this

FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

This week we have been discussing Art Theft, finding out all we can about G-Dragon & K Pop and giving tips on how to wear the trend of the season; Gingham. But what have we been reading? Below is a round up of the articles we've been talking about in

BNTM - Behind The Scenes on Episode Five

Hi everyone!! Another amazing episode of Britain's Next Top Model! I really enjoyed watching this one - even though it was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster! Right so let's get started, the episode started with everyone reacting to Victoria's elimination. For me, I was heartbroken! Victoria is my girl,

Art Theft, is it ever acceptable?

In one word? No. I think we’ve all pretty much established the two most important rules on how to play nice on the internet: 1) don't be a dick, and 2) if you steal something, take a thing without permission or even giving proper credit, that’s just not

FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

This week we have been talking about everything from Getting through wedding season stress free, Dealing with Mansplaining and asking if the Government should really be in our whatsaspp messgaes. Bu what have we been reading? Here is a round up of everything the FFD office have been talking about

VIDEO: Girls Wearing Leggings Barred From Flight

Two teenage girls were barred from boarding a United Airline flight and the internet went mad; rightfully so! This is another act of policing female clothing and we should most definitely be up in arms about it. United defended the situation by highlighting that the girls who were flying with

VIDEO: Handbags Made of Human Skin

Biotechnology meets fashion! Tina Gorjanc, a Central Martins student believes that advance tissue-engineering tech could 'grow' synthetic leather from a person's DNA. Her collection was inspired by the late Alexander McQueen. The designer would have probably enjoyed the concept of this project as he used a sample of his own

VIDEO: Nike Pro Hijab Revealed

Nike’s announcement of their new Nike Pro Hijab has sparked online debates causing a divide amongst the twitter community. Some are outraged and are choosing to boycott the brand while others are praising it more than ever before for this new addition. The Nike Pro Hijab - made with

FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

This week we have been talking about The stop funding hate campaign, asking if Saffy from AB FAB is this generations unlikely icon and asking if CPW is really a thing. But what have we been reading? With Brexit finally being implemented it has been at the forefront of our

The Mail Supremacy - Stop Funding Hate

Every now and then a certain British paper will publish a linkbait intended article that, even by its own standards, is offensive to the point of unacceptable. Today was one of those days. Some of us were almost unsurprised by today's "headline", what with the paper being a regular outlet

FFD's Weekly Reading Roundup

This week we've been talking about Mothers Day (it's today BTW so call your Mum!), The memefication of Chanel, Our 5 favourite fashion Illustrators and asking if investment pieces are worth the price. But what have we been reading? Outlook for Mall Retail Worsens as Shoppers Find Inspiration Online"Shoppers

30 years of Nike Air Max

It may not be the trainer for everyone, but anyone who dons some Nike Air Max has got some major street cred. It's one of those trend-defying unicorn shoes that transcends style preference and time. It's been worn with floaty dresses & Fresh Prince's threads for 30 years. Designed by

FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

This week we have been talking about BNTM & our unlikely beauty heroes, the love hate relationship we have with denims and why street wear brands & high end luxury don't mix, but what have we been reading? Of Price, Populism and Politics. Also, Pearls and Pants. "It’s been

BNTM The Insights Into The First Episode

Whoaaaaa, what a night! For those of you that don't follow my Instagram/Twitter at @bntmsimone, I spent last night with the entire Britain's Next Top Model cast, our fabulous producers, the Lifetime TV team and a huge collection of VIP guests at our amazing season launch party! We also

Not another Disney Collab

Just when you thought you'd seen them all, another gets announced. If like me, Disney films were a significant part of your childhood, then you’ve probably already noticed the wave of super cute, nostalgic collaborations launching across the fashion and beauty world. But before you get all "I did

FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

We have spent the week musing over Scottish Fashion, reclaiming the term 'Go Fuck Yourself', talking about the fear of failure and exploring Pakistani fashion trends. But what else is out there I hear you cry? We have the round up of the hottest fashion stories and news, this is

FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

This week we are obsessing over PFW, Vogue launching in the Middle East & fashion buyouts. The Thought Process of Wearing High-Waist Jeans "From Denial to Acceptance - There is nothing more enticing than the prospect of encasing my loin fruits in a suction cup of denim that fastens right

Style Meets Politics at the Oscars 2017

Before it kicked off last night, President Trump had already made his opinions on the Oscars known: he wouldn’t be watching. It served as a perfect opportunity, then, for host Jimmy Kimmel to go on the offensive. He acknowledged the political elephant in the room early in the evening,

FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

This week has seen us gasping over Karl Lagerfeld's words (again), rethinking our spending habits and gagging over Gucci. Karl Lagerfeld Called Meryl Streep “Cheap” "'A genius actress, but cheapness also, no?' These eviscerating words, attributed to Karl Lagerfeld in Women’s Wear Daily, are directed at none other

FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

This week has been pretty hectic with the run up to LFW but we have been keeping on top of current affairs and avoiding the fashion bubble as much a possible. Here's what has caught our attention this week. Stylist talks about dealing with anxiety in a pro active way

Grammy's VS. BAFTA's - who did it better?

It's officially award season, and last night the movies went up against the music for the annual BAFTA and Grammy Awards. Owing to what you can only assume as a massive scheduling malfunction, it was a tale of two red carpets which for us, was more entertaining than Lala Land

FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

This week we have been taken over by NYFW with political messages and perfect street style, but as much as we would love to think only the glamour of fashion week happened there were plenty of other things going on. Elle talks political power dressing. "In light of President Donald

Weekly Reading Round Up

The news can seem a little overwhelming at the moment, and sometimes you need a filter to find the stories that you actually want to read. In a new weekly segment we act as that filter, sharing the stories we have been reading that have empowered us, given us another