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Spice Girls Reunion Is a Lie

Yesterday our hearts soared with news of an all out SPICE UP YOUR LIFE reunion. But alas, Posh isn't playing and as much as we don't want to admit it, we are heartbroken all over again. The band were meant to reform for a one off T.V special and

K-Pop 101

*Disclaimer: Fashion Fix Daily is not responsible for any negative effects of reading this article. Possible side-effects may include: obsession, abandoning all other genres and trying to sing along with a language you don’t speak. Proceed at your own risk. Firstly, what is K-Pop? At its simplest, it is

'My Life was Ruined by a Meme'

We all love memes, but do we ever think about the person behind the hilarious picture? Read More 20 Beauty Memes that'll make you happy From Bad Luck Brian to the Star Wars Kid, Jessi Slaughter to the Goosebumps girl, viral memes can have a real effect on people's lives