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5 Minute Morning Yoga

Feeling lackluster in the morning? Don't have time to work out? We all could get out of bed 5 minutes earlier to kick start our day, and the benefits of your 5 minute yoga practice will last far beyond the morning. Read More Men in Kilts Doing Yoga, The Best

Day in the life of Fashioned in Glasgow

A support network for independent fashion startups and brands in Scotland, Fashioned in Glasgow is basically what every indie designer dreams of. Ran by Aimee Bride and Alison Malcolm. they are putting Scotland on the British fashion map. Working as a designers one-stop business shop, FIG help turn their dreams

8 Pros And Cons Of The Pixie Cut

So, you’ve decided to get the snip! - no, not that one. You’re either crazy bored with your hair, like I was, or you’re going through a moment of temporary insanity – also me. Either way, you’ve decided you need a drastic change. Well, it’s safe

Tattoos That Play Sound

Tattoos are one of the most popular forms of self-expression in this day and age. The skin is all yours and there’s a whole lot of it that can be used as canvas for the inking. Sound wave tattoos, as they are being called are the new stage in

Is exercise the new 'going out'?

It’s Friday night and the lights are low. Strangers bodies are pushing against me, sweaty and breathless as they mouth the words to their favourite songs. And the music is loud, really loud – Kanye and Stormzy pulsing through the expensive sound system. Girls, in crop tops and outfits that

Yoga for Core Strength

Yoga With Adriene, is a happy and successful online yoga community, which creates free creative content to inspire people of all shapes and sizes to connect to their body daily. Adriene approaches health and wellness with a playfulness and even a sense of humor that encourages all personalities to the

A day in the life of fashion designer, Chouchou

Ever wondered what an average day is like for an international fashion designer? At a glance, you may think nothing but glamor, but it's not all faux fur and glitter! From Italy to LA, Amsterdam to Scotland and now, Barcelona, Silvia Pellegrino has been taking the industry by storm with

Take a risk - Motivational Monday

Stop trying to control everything. Sometimes taking a chance or a risk and picking up the pieces or apologising later is better than inaction. Sometimes the only difference between the person you idolise or envy and yourself is their ability to run before they can walk, to throw caution to