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When Your Idols Let You Down

We all have idols, some are a passing phase and some are with us forever. They can have a fundamental effect on our lives, our tastes; sometimes our whole identity. So it's no wonder that it can be so earth shattering when they turn out to be – well, put politely

How to Meditate for Beginners

Social media is full of beautiful, successful, popular people who seem to be, for want of a better phrase, 'winning at life' right now. Meanwhile, you're sitting at home in your pants, on your phone, eating Doritos and feeling bad about your life, wondering why some people have got everything

VIDEO: The Pepsi Commercial - SNL Spoof

If you haven’t seen or heard of the Pepsi commercial, you most definitely have been living under a rock on a remote island off of the coast of nowhere. Everyone; ourselves included have talked about THAT commercial. Saturday Night Live has made a new spoof sketch of the commercial.

How to Organise Your Life in One Week

To say that we are all stressed out is an understatement. One of the worse things about being constantly busy with work, though, is that it's all too easy to let things escalate to the point that you start forgetting important dates, losing track of email threads and shoving important

K-Pop 101

*Disclaimer: Fashion Fix Daily is not responsible for any negative effects of reading this article. Possible side-effects may include: obsession, abandoning all other genres and trying to sing along with a language you don’t speak. Proceed at your own risk. Firstly, what is K-Pop? At its simplest, it is

The Best Celebrity Cruises

When it comes to themed cruises, we've seen it all. There's been a Harry Potter cruise, a Great British Bake Off cruise, a David Hasselhoff cruise, a Coachella cruise... we could go on. As long as our fascination with celebrity – and the enduring novelty of having a bit of a

Is Body Positivity the New Body Shaming?

So, is body positivity the new body shaming? Short answer. No. Right, case closed guys, we can pack up. Good job all round. Lol, okay. I'll bite. Because while body-positivity at it's heart is well, positive, it's not perfect and still, at least in the wider populas version of it

Designers and Their Dogs

Since it's international puppy day we thought we would celebrate by featuring our favorite designers and their dogs! VALENTINO GARAVANI and his 11 Pugs, I'll let that sink in shall I? All I know is I want to go for a puppy play date! DONNA KAREN and her lab Steph,

Pet Hates of Every Fashion Student

As a student studying fashion, there are issues that come up again and again for me and my peers. There are so many misconceptions about studying fashion, and they need to be put to rights! A post shared by Fashion & Textiles at Grays (@fashandtexatgrays) on Jun 14, 2016 at

The Importance Of Lifting Each Other Up

This past week I have seen so many women supporting each other, promoting each others businesses and generally being all overies before brovaries. It gave me all the warm fuzzies. BUT There's always a but isn't there? I've also seen the usual girl on girl hate, women attacking women, girls

Adventures in Female Masturbation

Go fuck yourself. No seriously. It's good for your health (yes seriously) it can reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes type 2 (yes really) and knocking one (or, two or three, delete as aprop) is basically going to sort out some of that stress. Cheaper than a massage.

Is The Fear of Failure Holding You Back?

It can feel like falling. Or drowning. Perhaps for you it's a dense, pressing claustrophobia. Or it's a feeling of wide, all encompassing emptiness that stretches out through infinite expanses. It can be hysterical or gnawing, quiet and lingering and biting at the edges of your sub-conscious. Often it can

Ten Tall Girl Problems

As a 5"11 female, life, and especially fashion, has its challenges. There is one thing every tall girl can agree on. We got problems too. We have a love-hate relationship with heels and platforms. All the best shoes are several inches high, but that just makes us feel freakishly

The Brits - A Throwback

Its 20 years since The Spice Girls took to the Brits and the Union Jack Dress achieved cult status. For Kids that grew up in the 90's, nothing will beat the Brit Awards of that era. I mean you can quite beat Jarvis Cocker mooning onstage whilst Michael Jackson sang

Self Love Saturday

Caroline Denis is a Haitian-American actor, model and hails originally from Brooklyn, NY. "I have had a lot of issues with how I looked and how I felt about myself and body for most of my life. For years, I had a low self-esteem and felt that my body wasn't

Romance is Dead, Long Live the BFF

I'm a hopeless romantic. Not in the classic sense of the word, or indeed in the modern now that I come to think about it. Less cut out hearts and love songs more about hope and trust and laughter. And tears. And screaming matches. Goofy faces. Sitting in with take

Calling BS on Valentine's Day

Why is it that all the things that make me want to throw up a bit inside my mouth are relationship-related? Whether it's cringeworthy Facebook statuses about how someone's boyfriend has spoilt them/given them a surprise gift/paid for their dinner, or finding out that someone has been proposed

Unforgettable Valentine's date night ideas

The pressure is on, it's Valentine's Day soon and if you still think a bunch of flowers from the local garage and a bottle of bubbly is romantic, then you're clearly not doing Valentine's Day right. So forget about the takeaway and take a look at these ten unforgettable Valentine's

Stranger Things Season Two

If you haven't watched Stranger Things by now then you seriously need to clear your plans this weekend and catch up. 7 reasons why you need to watch Stranger Things season one now Cult movie references – This baby is choc full of them, from Nightmare on Elm St to ET,

No Human Is Illegal

At a time when our political leaders have seem to have forgotten history and the lessons they have taught us we need remember this simple statement. The words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse

Here's What Speaking About Self Love Taught Me

I'm not a speaker. I'm a writer. You could maybe, probably, definitely say that I write precisely because I'm straight-up terrible at verbal communication. My brain fires on all cylinders but my mouth never gets the memo. (My inner monologue is eloquent as fuck but, regrettably, you'll never meet her.

Women's March on Trump

This weekend Trump takes the seat as the most powerful man in the world, this has a massive impact worldwide. On Saturday the 21st of January hundreds of thousands of women are marching on Washington, here's how to get involved if you live in the UK What time does the

7 things to get you through Blue Monday

Oh blue Monday! The most depressing day in the calendar, a combination of cold nights and post festive season blues, it can leave us feeling down and lead to a spiral of over indulgence that's just going to make you feel worse. We have picked out 7 quick fixes to

Celebrating Meryl Streep.

It's safe to say that Meryl Streep isn't just an American national treasure. She's a fully fledged world-wide gold mine! Over the years, the three-time Academy Award-winner (with 19 nominations too, #justsayin) has portrayed so many interesting and versatile characters that it's hard to choose one favorite, especially when her

10 Daily habits of a Gentleman

Fashion's Dorian Grey; Tom Ford is usually cited as the definition of a modern day gentleman, quoted with rules and guidelines on how to live a more gentile existence. According to the American designer, a set of perfect teeth contributes to being a gentleman, along with a well cut dark

Top Ten Hangover cures

Go a little overboard last night? Don't fret, we have ten fool proof ways to fix your hangover. Hair of the Dog If you need to be up and out the next day and you simply can't function, get a Bloody Mary and instantly feel better. We don't reccomend hair

Ultimate Christmas Playlist

There is nothing that can set the mood like the right playlist. Are you in charge of cooking Christmas dinner today? Or do you just want something festive to listen to whilst opening Christmas presents? Have you been searching for the ultimate Christmas playlist and found that every playlist or

9 Life lessons to take from Ab Fab

If Patsy and Eddie taught us anything it was that Fizz in the morning is perfectly acceptable and that less is certainly not more. Ab Fab is an iconic series for oh so many reasons, the tongue in cheek take on the fashion industry, the constant bolly or the hilarious

Christmas Dinners from around the world

Christmas dinner, everyone knows it's turkey, roasties and sprouts right? Actually, for most of the world it's not, so sit back, pour yourself some mulled wine and get ready for some inspiration as we delve into what makes a Christmas dinner all around the world Japan The craziest Christmas tradition

'Tis The Season To Fine-Tune Your Gift Face

You know the drill: It's Christmas. Relatives are due over any moment. Your mum's told you that one relative (who shall not be named because this is a true anecdote and t'would be improper of me to divulge) has bought you a dress. Fine. Cool. Dresses are nice. I'd prefer

Christmas Traditions - Throw Back Thursday

We all have some family ingrained Christmas Traditions that make no sense. The Traditional Christmas walk for instance...why do we go for a walk in the cold? We don't go anywhere, just a little wander and then back home! Pointless isn't it? Well we decided to investigate some Christmas

Gifts for your guy

There's only one person who takes the biscuit when Christmas shopping and it has got to be your other half. When it comes to settling on a gift for your beloved — whether that be your S.O., your sibling, your best friend, your steppie, your boss, your grandpa, or anyone

Top UK Bloggers to Follow for Vlogmas

We've trawled the internet and watched HOURS of Vlogmas videos (someones gotta do it right?) to find you the 11 youtube channels to Subscibe to this December. So sit back, relax, and prepare to get a lot more Christmassy! Kate La Vie Prepare for house envy, hot chocolate envy and

20 Beauty Memes that'll make you happy

Well folks, it's almost the weekend. A time where makeup application time doubles, if not triples for two days only. And by that I mean tonight and tomorrow. Sundays are for baths and facemarks, everyone knows that! To get us into those Friday feels, I've rounded up some of my