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Top Ten First Date Ideas

I don't know about you, but fuck me, I am SO bored of 'let's grab a couple of drinks' dates. I mean, I get it. It's not too daunting, it's an easy way to get to know someone and there's the opportunity to get tipsy enough to banish any nerves

5 Secrets to a Long and Happy Marriage

The Royal Wedding might be over but it's still the hot topic on everyones lips. So here are some tips on staying happily married! Keep Calm! Of course in any relationship there will be hiccups and disagreements along the way but it is how you deal with them that will

The Best Street Markets in London

Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Rebecca Dickson. Street Markets are everywhere in London, from foodie paradise to a vintage connoisseurs heaven, there is something for everyone. Broadway Market A post shared by Broadway Market (@broadwaymarket) on Sep 1, 2017 at 1:52am PDT Broadway market is one of

What To Do When Your Date Drops A Bombshell

Content warning : I chat about mental health and suicide - hopefully helping people feel more at ease about talking to someone when they need help, and what to do if the person they talk to is you. Another day, another match. This time with Fijian photographer, ‘James’. We messaged for

Not All Girls Wear Dresses

Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Lou Clave. This is my daughter Ophelia. Every single time we go out someone misgenders her. After I correct them they usually go on to point out her short hair or her build (which is gross considering she’s not even two) her

Top 10 Plus Size Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers

Since the success of our posts sharing the Top 10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers and Top 10 UK Beauty Bloggers, we're continuing the top ten bloggers theme with weekly posts rounding up our favourite accounts covering a range of different niches, kicking of with fashion and lifestyle influencers celebrating plus-size style

Breaking my Tinder Virginity

Due to the high volume of hilarious dates I seem to have had, I often get asked what my most ridiculous one has been. And there’s never any hesitation in which story I choose to tell. Grab yourself a cuppa (or a rum and coke may be more apt)

Podcasts: an Introduction

Almost everyone is listening to podcasts, but where the hell do you start? There is basically a podcast on every topic and new ones are being added daily, so rather than stress whilst poring over pages and pages of podcast listings, here is a handy little guide to get you

Introduction to Zines

At its most basic, zine is short for magazine. Firstly, let's break down specifics. There is much confusion over what a ZINE actually is and much of that confusion comes from ambiguous and at times interchangeable terminology. To clear up this confusion, here’s a simple breakdown: A post shared

A Dating Column With A Difference

31-year-old single woman seeks a man who is more than just a bearded, puppy holding, guitar playing, ‘easy going guy’. Or a woman who doesn’t have a Snapchat filter permanently attached to their face. Hi, I’m Iona and when it comes to dating - I’ve just about

Anxiety Self Care Tips

Mental health can be a difficult topic to write about, everybody has their very own personal journey. While I never intended to write about this subject, I came to the realisation that I have actually developed a pretty good number of anxiety self-care tips, which to be honest I actually