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    Food news and dining guides from across the globe. With a Scottish bias, obviously.

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    Copenhagen: Brunch Guide

    Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Chloe Caprani. |Look no further for the best brunch places in Copenhagen. From traditional Danish breakfast to modern takes on the brunch plate, we're here, for brunch with the Danes! There is nowhere to go for brunch in Copenhagen, they said. No eggs

    Chocolate Hazelnut Christmas Cocktail

    |This delicious Christmas Cocktail is sure to spice up your holiday season. Cheers! During the Christmas season we are inundated with food, it is coming at us from all angles and the next thing you know you are having dessert for the third time this month and you just can’

    An Alternative Berlin Bucket List

    | Be Different. Instead of the typical tourist favourites, make sure you visit these spots on your trip to Berlin! A hipster mecca steeped in history, it's no wonder it's become one of Europe's top city breaks. And of course there's loads to see and do. From street art to the

    Top 5 Brunch Places in NYC

    Having brunch in any city is problematic, you always want to get the best bang for your buck. But in NYC, brunch is particularly tricky. Mainly because there are so many options, with places opening and closing quicker than you can say 'cheque please!' We scoured the streets of

    Christmas Dinners from around the world

    | Ever wonder what the rest of the world eat on Christmas day? How about a KFC for your big meal? Or some roasted reindeer? Christmas dinner, everyone knows it's turkey, roasties and sprouts right? Actually, for most of the world it's not, so sit back, pour yourself some mulled wine

    The ultimate brownie recipe

    We have the ultimate brownie recipe courtesy of Adele McConnell aka The Vegie Head, perfect for every season. Oh and did we mention they are gluten free and vegan? Basically health food! So grab your apron & lets get cooking... Takes under one hour and gives a trayfull of delicious

    Clean Eating - Why Do We Food Shame Online?

    Late last year I uploaded an Instagram of myself, after a night out, eating a kebab. Hashtag #goodbanter, right? Actually, no. Because not only is my banter dire, my food choices apparently are too. I had ironically hashtagged the shot with punchy phrases like #eatclean and #fitspiration (I told you:

    5 of the best Bloody Mary recipes

    Along with all the merriment of the festive season comes the dreaded hangover. So we've scoured the internet to find the best Bloody Mary recipes around. Hangover be gone! NY Times Let's kick this all off with the purest version of the Bloody Mary. Created by Lu Ratunil who was