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    What's a Jojo Siwa?

    Ever wanted to know what the hell a Jojo Siwa is? If you are feeling out the loop, FFD has the rundown on the biggest name in popular culture today. If, like me, you are a childless thirtysomething you may have heard the name Jojo Siwa and thought it was

    Day In The Life Of: GIRLvsCANCER

    | FFD talks to Social Media Manager & tit tee's behind the online community and cancer awareness brand, GIRLvsCANCER, Ms Lauren Mahon about a day in her life. Most side hustles stem from a hobby, but for Lauren Mahon it came from a diagnosis. Breast Cancer, to be exact. Having the

    Top 10 Dolly Parton Fashion Moments

    | A Country icon, the queen of rhinestones and legendary extravagant style icon, all rolled into one little bundle of energy. Happy birthday Dolly Parton! It's the Queen of Country's birthday today and though it may take a lot of time and money to look this cheap, Dolly Parton always has

    WWOD: What Would Oprah Do?

    | If you ever find yourself stuck in a life decision do you ever wonder what Oprah would do? Here are 12 'Oprah-isms' to live by! When the world found out Oprah Winfrey was taking home the 2018 Golden Globes’ Cecil B. Demille Award back in December, I don't think any

    How To Nail Your Secret Santa Gift

    | Stop googling "what to buy for secret santa" immediately!! FFD list 15 gift ideas that fit the office Secret Santa brief to a T this Christmas. Secret Santa. It's all fun and games til the 5th body set or slightly innapropriate gift gets passed around! Don't get me