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Breaking my Tinder Virginity

Due to the high volume of hilarious dates I seem to have had, I often get asked what my most ridiculous one has been. And there’s never any hesitation in which story I choose to tell. Grab yourself a cuppa (or a rum and coke may be more apt)

A Dating Column With A Difference

31-year-old single woman seeks a man who is more than just a bearded, puppy holding, guitar playing, ‘easy going guy’. Or a woman who doesn’t have a Snapchat filter permanently attached to their face. Hi, I’m Iona and when it comes to dating - I’ve just about

Day in the life of a hustler, Richard Davies

“Side hustle” is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days, but as one of the less irratating millenial terms, this one may be onto something. Essentially an interest or passion, a side hustle is something that can produce income outside of your traditional job. But what about

What's a Jojo Siwa?

If, like me, you are a childless thirtysomething you may have heard the name Jojo Siwa and thought it was some sort of code, or in my case, sneeze. Turns out, it's generation Z's new craze ala Beanie Baby or Tamagotchi and I'm here to keep you down with the