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VIDEO: The Wardrobe to Die for

What is the 24th of April to you? A birthday, an anniversary or just another day of the week? Whatever it is, let us add another significance to this date. It’s Fashion Revolution Day. The change in fashion in the last 20 years and the rise of fast fashion

FFD's Weekly Reading Round up

This week we have been talking about the best apps for fashion lovers, how to meditate when you are stressed as hell and THAT twitter storm about Instagram Fraud. But what have we been reading at the Fashion Fix Daily office? Here is our round up of the best fashion

Must Have Novelty Bags for Summer

When it comes to spring summer it's all about the cute af bag! We have rounded up our top picks suitable for every occasion; a day at the beach, a summer wedding or even just popping to the shops. Pool Float Chic The Perfect bag for all summer parties, even

VIDEO: Top Coachella Celebrity Looks of All Time

Coachella marks the start of festival season. Although it’s a music festival, it is definitely not just about the music. It’s about the food, the technology, and most importantly? The fashion. Coachella inspires our wardrobes and festival styles for the rest of the summer. It defines trends, think

VIDEO: Is Fashion an Art Form?

My personal answer to that question is yes! Yes Yes YES! But it’s not about me. What is art? Art is an expressive application of human creative skill and imagination typically in visual form. (Thank you Oxford dictionary). Fashion is often thought of as simply frivolous and a show

The Best Apps for Fashion Lovers

Fashion is an industry that has been notoriously slow to keep up with advancing technology and adapting to the increasingly digitalised society we live in. However, things are beginning to change, with fashion brands capturing today's switched-on consumer with virtual and augmented reality, advanced social media and perhaps most under-rated,

The Rise of the Statement Bag

If anything can be said of accessories at LFW, is that the quirkier the better. And there is nothing that catches our eye more than the Statement Bag. From sweet inspired cross body bags, to textured shapes and bags so impossible that you can't help be mesmerized by them... we

Out with the coats, in come the jackets

Top tip: Never, ever get dressed based on what the weather looks like out your window. At least, not right now. Appearances can be deceiving and I can guarantee you, clear skies and sunshine does not warm weather make. I know we have been pretty lucky to experience a slight

Alternative Style Icons: Pat Butcher

Developing your personal identity can take years, and while experimentation and trend watching is fundamental, your personal choice of style icons is also crucial. Now, from my perspective, a true stylish individual is never someone who says Chloë Sevigny or Kate Moss is their ultimate style inspiration. I mean duh,

FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

This week we have been discussing Art Theft, finding out all we can about G-Dragon & K Pop and giving tips on how to wear the trend of the season; Gingham. But what have we been reading? Below is a round up of the articles we've been talking about in

VIDEO: Is Harajuku Style Dead?

What do we really know about Harajuku? It is a neighbourhood in Japan. The style is characterised by a pursuit of kawaii, or “cuteness”, which is expressed in massive piles of hair clips, face band aids, creative layering, and a mishmash of colours and textures. Harajuku style has become less

Spotlight on Clare Waight-Keller

Back in January, it was announced that Clare Waight Keller would be creating her final collection for Chloé (AW/17) before exiting to join Givenchy as the house's new creative director, succeeding Riccardo Tisci. She will be only the second ever female head of a fashion label under LVMH, and

Spring Must Haves

This summer is all about ruffles and statement sleeves, but what other trends do you need to get your hands on? We've got the low down on your new wardrobe must haves Gingham Yes I know we keep banging on about gingham but if you don't buy into the trend

VIDEO: The Cutest Couple to Wear Matching Outfits

This adorable Japanese couple are most definitely #RelationshipGoals. They have been married for 37 years and wear effortlessly matching outfits almost every day. They started matching their outfits because they noticed that they had matching hair. They have no strict rules for how they dress apart from the coordination. Perhaps

Interview with Carolina Wong

A Hong Kong born, London-based world citizen. Carolina Wong graduated in 2011 at the Chelsea College of Art and Design specialising in Woven Textile Design. Shapes, motifs and experimentation with materials have always been part of Wong’s world: enriched by a wealth of cultural heritage absorbed during her creative

How to wear Gingham for SS17

Somewhere over the (fashion) rainbow, spring's most noteworthy designers from Miu Miu to Stella McCartney have made gingham the epitome of cool again. It's a fabric choice that has lasted through the ages. From Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, Audrey Hepburn in those black and white peddle-pushers and

Art Theft, is it ever acceptable?

In one word? No. I think we’ve all pretty much established the two most important rules on how to play nice on the internet: 1) don't be a dick, and 2) if you steal something, take a thing without permission or even giving proper credit, that’s just not

VIDEO: The Congo Dandies

"Living in Poverty and Spending a Fortune to Look Like a Million Dollars". This is the story of the Congo dandies. La Sape is a movement in Congo all about style and elegance, the right combination of colours and textures, brand-names and the highest quality materials. Those engaged in the

VIDEO: Top 10 Movie Wardrobes of All Time

The costume department might just be the most underrated department in any film crew. The Academy Award for Best Costume Design wasn't even created until 1948. So we are here to sing the praises of the costume designers. The video shows a list of top 10 movie Wardrobes of all

3D Printing for Fashion

Luxury fashion designers like Alexander Wang are using new 3D printing technology, but lots of smaller independent brands are also exploring the technology to create innovative designs which we will explore in this article. From packaging and fastening components to full garments and accessories, 3D printing opens a whole new

VIDEO: Handbags Made of Human Skin

Biotechnology meets fashion! Tina Gorjanc, a Central Martins student believes that advance tissue-engineering tech could 'grow' synthetic leather from a person's DNA. Her collection was inspired by the late Alexander McQueen. The designer would have probably enjoyed the concept of this project as he used a sample of his own

VIDEO: Nike Pro Hijab Revealed

Nike’s announcement of their new Nike Pro Hijab has sparked online debates causing a divide amongst the twitter community. Some are outraged and are choosing to boycott the brand while others are praising it more than ever before for this new addition. The Nike Pro Hijab - made with

Top Eyewear Brands You Need To Be Seen In

Call it the sunshine talking, but if sunglasses have been falling a little short on your to-buy list, you might want to rethink your spend options. No, I'm not spouting off about the health benefits of protecting your retinas (though, you should!). Instead, I'm here to tell you that there's

Vetements - What's The Big Deal?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 2 years, you will have heard about 'Vetements'. The ultra cool, Parisian street-wear inspired brand best known for its oversized hoodies, super long sleeves and well... 'questionable collaborations'. Vetements, which means 'clothes' in French, has only been on the scene

Spotlight on Raf Simons

Some of you may know Raf Simons as the heralded contemporary menswear label, others will know him from minimalist German fashion house Jil Sander. Some may know Raf Simons from the legendary documentary Dior and I on Netflix, or from his recent appointment as chief creative at American luxury brand

Topshop Release Full Wedding Collection

If you are getting married soon you will surely be relieved that Topshop are about to drop a full wedding collection. Their Wedding Dresses range from £350 to £795 and come in a variety of soft shades. You can pick from traditional floor length or something a little shorter, from

30 years of Nike Air Max

It may not be the trainer for everyone, but anyone who dons some Nike Air Max has got some major street cred. It's one of those trend-defying unicorn shoes that transcends style preference and time. It's been worn with floaty dresses & Fresh Prince's threads for 30 years. Designed by

#TFW: The Memeification of Fashion

Fashion, by it's very nature has always been steeped in a form of meme culture. From the it bags of the 90s to the return of highly recognisable logos and brands on street style stars at fashion week, fashion is all about virility. It lives and dies by the ability

Investment Pieces: Are They Worth the Price?

The term 'investment piece' is often bandied about by fashion writers, such is the allure of fashion purchases which, in an ideal world, increase in value after being purchased. But what gives a luxury item legs to become an investment piece, rather than a one-season wonder? And are investment pieces

A Guide to Tumblr for Fashionistas

Are you on Tumblr? If not why not? It's a brilliant way to engage with the fashion community in addition to just Facebook and twitter, and it's just as visual as Instagram and Pinterest. Algorithms and hashtags are super advanced, engagement is at an all-time high, and the span of

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

There is something so pure about dancing, being caught in the moment, fully unaware of your surroundings. There is a reason music is a multi billion dollar industry, it speaks to our souls, so is this why we hold musicians in such high regard? From the Beatles & Beatle Mania

Five Favourite Fashion Illustrators

Fashion Illustration is having a huge comeback. From it's roots as a predecessor to photography in mainstream magazines, the practice is now a celebration on social media as an abstract art form embodying the playfulness of fashion. Amelie Hegardt Swedish fashion illustrator Amelie Hegardt has an impressive client base ranging

The Rise of Utilitarian Underwear

Last week I put on a bra, and immediately had to photograph myself wearing it. Was it because this Agent Provocateur silk and eyelash lace number made me look so irresistible I needed to document it? No. It was because my areolas had escaped this 3cm of fabric, and were

FFD's Weekly Reading Round Up

This week we have been talking about BNTM & our unlikely beauty heroes, the love hate relationship we have with denims and why street wear brands & high end luxury don't mix, but what have we been reading? Of Price, Populism and Politics. Also, Pearls and Pants. "It’s been