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The Trump Effect on the Fashion Industry

For any company, a volatile political climate, like, let's just say, an ignorant, inexperienced, racist, sexist being elected President, is bad news for business. Consumer confidence is lower than ever, trade agreements and taxes are in a state of flux, and the economy wobbles on an increasingly fine balance. But

How to Paint like Yayoi Kusama

83-year-old Japanese pop artist Yayoi Kusama is famed within fashion circles for her collaboration with Louis Vuitton, and deservedly world-renowned for her eccentric art style and even more eccentric personality. And now you can learn to paint like her! This mini art lesson from Corey D'Augustine presents a take on

9 Life lessons to take from Ab Fab

If Patsy and Eddie taught us anything it was that Fizz in the morning is perfectly acceptable and that less is certainly not more. Ab Fab is an iconic series for oh so many reasons, the tongue in cheek take on the fashion industry, the constant bolly or the hilarious

Alternative Style Icons: Angelyne

Before Paris, before Kim - or before the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan - there was Angelyne. The mysterious LA staple made herself famous for being famous, through the subtle tactic of billboards. These billboards, which at one point numbered in the hundreds, have become as infamous as their subject matter.

The Legacy of Ikea's Frakta Bag

30 years after its release, IKEA honours what might be the most hardworking and versatile bag in the world. In the wake of IKEA fever (Balenciaga creates a Frakta bag lookalike and the fashion press laps it up, Instagram account @ikeaclothes sells blue-and-yellow , and the public goes wild for Ikea's