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Is Cleavage really out of fashion?

Vogue has declared the cleavage officially out of fashion in its most recent issue. “Suddenly the cleavage feels wrong, and in its place we’re loving the soft chiffon blouses at Chloe; the prim prissiness of Gucci’s pussycat bows and bejewelled necklines…”, writes Kathleen Baird-Murray in the December issue.

An Introduction to Petite Meller

Model, philosophy student and singer Petite Meller makes a surreal sight in her blonde pigtails and statement blusher. She certainly is one of a kind. After all there can’t be many pop stars studying for an MA in psychoanalysis at the Sorbonne who’ve kissed a giraffe in Kenya,

The Psychology of Fast Fashion

Since social media and user generated content dramatically democratized the internet, consumers have become educated on a whole range of issues within industries that previously closed their doors to the public, and made huge lifestyle changes because of access to that information. But when it comes to clothing, despite horrific

100 Years of Bras

Bras have become such an everyday part of most women’s dressing that it is hard to imagine a time when they weren’t. I’m all down with freeing the nipple, in fact, I encourage myself and all the women around me to do at least once in a

Manic Panic - an interview with Punk Legends

They are the sister duo who singlehandedly changed the punk scene into how we know it today. Tish and Snooky Bellomo started turning and transforming heads around the world since 1977 with their brand Manic Panic. From opening their first boutique with only $250 in hand, these two rock n’

The Evolution of Douchebag Style

From the Danny Zukos of Grease to the Steve Stiflers of American Pie, the style of the douche bag has evolved with each passing generation. This light hearted video looks at how the average douchebag and how their style has changed over the last 10 decades. If we’re being