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Pie & Fash; 3 Days, 3 Very Different Outfits

Week in, week out, writing inspiration evades me. I gleefully digest article upon article, op-ed upon op-ed, listicle upon listicle, lapping them up like Augustus Gloop at the chocolate river (hashtag goals), before kicking myself real hard in the shin for not having the brain power to think the damn

Play The Business of Fashion Brain Game

Are you intuition and feelings or driven by logic and facts? Here, discover whether you are led more by your left brain or right brain with these videos by The Business of Fashion featuring Kim Kardashian West and Sinéad Burke as part of their latest print issue, The Age of

The Problem with MissPap’s Living Wage Wardrobe

Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Sophie Benson. Earlier this year, online retailer MissPap launched their ‘Living Wage Wardrobe’. Ankle boots, jeans, dresses, bags, heels, jumpsuits; everything in the collection is available for just £7.50. Why? All in the name of supporting hard working women, apparently: “We stand

Top Ten Capsule Wardrobe Bloggers

What is a capsule wardrobe, and where can you find capsule wardrobe inspiration? A capsule wardrobe is a succint, stripped back closet of clothing, shoes and accessories that intends to make it easier to put together simple outfits and to minimise material possessions. An ethical fashion ideal in theory, but

Versace Turns Its Back on Real Fur

In an interview with The Economist, 1843 Magazine Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace said “Fur? I am out of that. I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right.” The luxury brand has historically included lots of fur across its ranges, from a variety

Dear Denim, I'm Breaking Up With You

Dear Jeans, I'm breaking up with you. Surprised? I was, too. But I'm gonna spare us both the back and forth, the wishful thinking and what-if's, and serve you the situ upfront. You deserve that much, at least. Today I spent an entire nine hours in you and, truthfully, I

Looking Beyond the Big Four Fashion Weeks

New York. London. Milan. Paris. The 'big four' fashion capitals have historically been all-powerful. However, while those cities are still omnipotent in the fashion cycle, organisations all over the world are fighting for a voice to celebrate homegrown talent. Looking beyond the 'big four', can the rise of international Fashion

When brands respond to 'Who Made my Clothes'

Each year, during Fashion Revolution Week, consumers are encouraged to ask fashion brands, 'Who Made My Clothes?', in an effort to increase transparency in the industry, and shining a light on the lives of garment workers around the world. The hashtag (#whomademyclothes) has been used nearly 10 million times

Top 10 Plus Size Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers

Since the success of our posts sharing the Top 10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers and Top 10 UK Beauty Bloggers, we're continuing the top ten bloggers theme with weekly posts rounding up our favourite accounts covering a range of different niches, kicking of with fashion and lifestyle influencers celebrating plus-size style

Activewear Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

As anyone who has been into Lululemon, looked at the price tags and promptly ran out of the store, holding back tears can attest, workout gear can be so expensive. Hurrah for fashion democracy, then, and the Great British High Street, for offering up financially viable alternatives for those of