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Day in the Life of GIRLvsCANCER

Most side hustles stem from a hobby, but for Lauren Mahon it came from a diganosis. Breast Cancer, to be exact. Having the grit to begin your side gig is already a major step in the #girlboss direction. But doing it with Cancer, for Cancer, while holding down a 9-5pm

The Best Apps for Fashion Addicts

Fashion is an industry that has been notoriously slow to keep up with advancing technology and adapting to the increasingly digitalised society we live in. However, things are beginning to change, with fashion brands capturing today's switched-on consumer with virtual and augmented reality, advanced social media and perhaps most under-rated,

Shoes Made Out of Water Bottles

Yes! You read the title correctly. Shoes made out of water bottles! A San Francisco start-up company called Rothy’s has started a line of shoes made out of plastic water bottles. Each shoe is made out of 3 plastic water bottles. The bottles are fused into a filament fibre

What Do Bots Mean For Fashion?

Article originally posted on One thing you may not know about me is that I’m a total fashion marketing nerd, although not at all a techy type. From the history of print advertising to exciting new developments in digital content, the world of marketing is fascinating to

Chouchou Hoodgirl's Greatest Hits

Forget "baby, it's cold outside", I don't think any of us need a memo to realise it's bloody baltic out there! But rather than looking despairingly at our wardrobes each morning thanking our lucky stars for readily available puffer jackets, we should look into what staple winter pieces