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    Scottish model Simone Murphy gives you all the behind the scene gossip from the TV show Britain's Next Top Model. #TeamSimone

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    BNTM - Behind The Scenes Episode 9

    Hello from Berlin everyone! Who enjoyed last nights episode? To be honest, I loved it! It was so nice to watch as a 'viewer' and not be riddled with anxiety for the entire episode. It was nice the episode started off with Alannah saying she missed me, sort of funny

    BNTM - Behind The Scenes Episode 8

    Whoaaaa guys! Who saw that coming?? I'm no longer in the running to become Britain's Next Top Model but what an incredible experience, right? It was actually pretty nice to watch last nights episode and similarly to when I was actually eliminated in person, it was a bit of a

    BNTM - Behind the Scenes on Episode 6

    Hello Britain's Next Top Model fans! I have to say, that last episode was an absolute roller coaster for me! I really find it quite difficult to watch myself on television (it's like the sensation of hearing your voice recorded x1000) so the fact that I was quite prominent this

    BNTM - Behind The Scenes on Episode Five

    Hi everyone!! Another amazing episode of Britain's Next Top Model! I really enjoyed watching this one - even though it was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster! Right so let's get started, the episode started with everyone reacting to Victoria's elimination. For me, I was heartbroken! Victoria is my girl,

    BNTM The Insights Into The First Episode

    Whoaaaaa, what a night! For those of you that don't follow my Instagram/Twitter at @bntmsimone, I spent last night with the entire Britain's Next Top Model cast, our fabulous producers, the Lifetime TV team and a huge collection of VIP guests at our amazing season launch party! We also