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Scottish model Simone Murphy gives you all the behind the scene gossip from the TV show Britain's Next Top Model. #TeamSimone

BNTM - Behind the Scenes on Episode 6

Hello Britain's Next Top Model fans! I have to say, that last episode was an absolute roller coaster for me! I really find it quite difficult to watch myself on television (it's like the sensation of hearing your voice recorded x1000) so the fact that I was quite prominent this

BNTM - Behind The Scenes on Episode Five

Hi everyone!! Another amazing episode of Britain's Next Top Model! I really enjoyed watching this one - even though it was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster! Right so let's get started, the episode started with everyone reacting to Victoria's elimination. For me, I was heartbroken! Victoria is my girl,

BNTM The Insights Into The First Episode

Whoaaaaa, what a night! For those of you that don't follow my Instagram/Twitter at @bntmsimone, I spent last night with the entire Britain's Next Top Model cast, our fabulous producers, the Lifetime TV team and a huge collection of VIP guests at our amazing season launch party! We also