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    How To Remove Gel Nail Polish

    | A simple 6-Step guide on how to remove gel polish at home without damaging your natural nails. Getting gel nails has so many benefits – the shine, the lasting power, the fact there’s no drying time – but, there is a very widespread bug-bear about them, and that’s removing them

    The A-Z of Beauty - ID

    | A is for Abstract, B is for Brows, C is for Cupid's Bow. The A-Z of Beauty knows no bounds, it's not about perfection, it's about celebrating individuality around the world. Directed by Daniel Sannwald and styled by Sarah Richardson, the film showcases 26 make-up looks by i-D Beauty Editor

    WIN! MOTD Cruelty-Free Vegan Make-Up Brushes

    We are thrilled to be collaborating with MOTD, a US company creating PETA-certified vegan make-up brushes. Here, enter our free giveaway and find out more about this fab cruelty-free beauty brand! As well as pioneering the animal-free makeup brush trend, M.O.T.D (Makeup of the Day) Cosmetics broke

    Keeping your skin safe this summer

    Caring for your skin is something you should never ignore, especially in the summer months. There are around three thousand cases of skin cancer every year, and 85% of these are preventable*. Tanning may be your top priority but is jeopardizing your skin really worth a couple of months of

    The Evolution of Pubic Hair

    | Pubic hair styles have evolved over the decades and now we've reached the stage of the 'vajazzle' and the designer vagina, so what on earth is next? Its not easy being a woman, is it? Every few years, the 'trend' for what we do with our downstairs hair changes, sometimes

    The Dangers of Microbeads in Your Beauty Products

    Thousands of health and beauty products we use everyday, like toothpaste and face wash, contain tiny pieces of plastic called microbeads. Lately they've had a lot of press because the US, Canada and the UK are pledging to ban the use of microbeads in manufactured products because of their catastrophic

    An A-Z of Herbal Tea

    Are you getting bored of your everyday builder’s breakfast tea? There are so many herbal and fruit infusions out there to try, with a whole host of benefits for your health, whether you prefer white, green, black or red tea. Here we’ve decided to compile a complete A-Z