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The Healthy Supplements Guide

A few months ago I wrote about vitamins, in attempt to demystify them (let's face it, all the spiel on the bottles is very confusing) – now I'm going to tackle supplements. So, what's worth trying, depending on what you want to work on? Note that this guide is by no

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Suncare

The weather this week inspired me to write this post, as for the first time in many rainy and snowy days, the sun shone and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky; I actually sunbathed in the garden- such a rarity in Scotland. However I only realised a couple

Making a Case Against 'No Make-Up' Make-Up

There's been an unprecendented rise in the popularity of 'no make-up' make-up as of late. So far in 2018, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera have overhauled their public personas, proudly presenting their stripped-back faces to the world, and the Kardashians – who arguably made extreme eyebrows, 'popping' highlighter, eyelash extensions and

The Lowdown on Radio Frequency Facials

| The magic radio frequency facials that tighten skin and give you long-lasting, age-fighting results. If you have been considering a Radio Frequency treatment – a key, non-invasive way of skin tightening to target sagging and wrinkles – it’s important that you understand everything involved. Like with all aesthetic treatments, you should

A Prickly Subject: The Body Hair Debate

The taboo of female body hair is one we cannot deny. In this genius performance by poet Anam Cara about how she un-learned years of fearing the embrace of her natural body. 'A Prickly Subject', directed by Helen Plumb, is a visual poetic account of a woman grappling with the

BrowJam Brow Kit Review

Our neighbours at Browjam, a Dundee based makeup artistry brand, have brought out the ultimate professional brow kit to use at home. Founder Janine Onyiuke established Browjam in 2013. Both the brand and products were born out of frustration of the current products available and because the techniques were fixed

East Asian Makeup Trends

So, we have written about East Asian (particularly Korean) skincare on Fashion Fix Daily before, and while we are obsessed, the make-up world has some gems too. While we are bombarded with Western-style makeup trends from heavy contouring to cut creases, what are the trends sweeping the other side of