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My Skin doesn't Define Me ~ Winnie Harlow

The fashion industry as a whole doesn’t do well in portraying individuals who's appearance deviate majorly from the norm of it's beauty standards. When Winnie Harlow came on the scene in America’s Next top model, cycle 21, It was new and exciting and endearing to have a model

8 Pros And Cons Of The Pixie Cut

So, you’ve decided to get the snip! - no, not that one. You’re either crazy bored with your hair, like I was, or you’re going through a moment of temporary insanity – also me. Either way, you’ve decided you need a drastic change. Well, it’s safe

VIDEO: No Hair, Don't Care!

What does your hair mean to you? Beauty, style, personality? Hair means a whole range of things to both men and women but it can’t be denied that the way hair is carried and styled is much more significant for women. It's part of a beauty standard that has

Cruelty Free Spring Hair and Make Up Trends

Spring beauty trends this spring are plentiful, with this season's runways giving us endless hair and make-up inspiration. I thought I'd do my take on how to recreate these trends but using only cruelty-free (that means not tested on animals or containing animal ingredients) beauty products. The top trends include: