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5 Hacks For Makeup Lovers

You love make-up, but hate spending all your hard-earned money on it, right? Well here are five brilliantly simple little life hacks for make-up addicts, to save you money and make you feel like a beauty boss! If your blusher or eyeshadow cracks and breaks, simply crush it back up

The Healthy Supplements Guide

A few months ago I wrote about vitamins, in attempt to demystify them (let's face it, all the spiel on the bottles is very confusing) – now I'm going to tackle supplements. So, what's worth trying, depending on what you want to work on? Note that this guide is by no

Pros/Cons of Eyelash Extensions

When you've been born with lashes that can't possibly compare to the models in magazines, it's common practice now to head to a beauty clinic for a treatment to enhance your eyelashes. The days when we relied just on finding that miracle mascara are out the window. Eyelash extensions are

Fantasy Colours from Manic Panic

Let's get outer here... Manic Panic are here to bring you out-of-this-world fantasy hair. Are you ready for the future? Get 2017 off with a big BANG. Move over Rey, back off Jyn Erso – there is a new intergalactic girl gang in town, and it's been brought to you by