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VIDEO: Have Beauty Standards Gone Too Far?

DEFINE BEAUTY The question of “Am I ugly” has probably crossed every person’s mind at some stage or the other. This thought-provoking video directed by Marie Schueller features young girls asking and answering this question. They explain how they see themselves especially in comparison with others. Making it easy

VIDEO: 100 Years of Beauty | Philippines

They say beauty is only skin deep. Anthropologist, Chris Santo Domingo Chan researched the concept of beauty in the Philippines in the last 100 years. His thoughts on beauty: “Beauty is not natural, it is always conditioned and in this context, a face tells so much about the political situation

Pinterest-worthy Palettes You Need In Your Life

Oh hello payday! Not that we've ever needed an excuse to drop our hard-earned cash, but these must-have palettes are heading straight to the top of our wishlist. From illuminating highlighters to creamy eyeshadows, there is a reason these palettes are all over social media. Meet the hardworking hero products

Unlikely Beauty Heroes You Already Own

From avocado face masks to yoghurt hair conditioners, to horse shampoo and soil scrubs, lately we've seen some innovative uses of unlikely beauty products around the web. Here we've compiled a useful list of tried-and-tested store cupboard ingredients and basic pharmacy finds that can solve a huge range of beauty

Illamasqua Boycott Trump Supporters

Activists on the catwalks, the return of political slogan T-shirts – and now a beauty company is boycotting some of its customers. Is this simply another controversial campaign? Or proof that when global politics are in turmoil, the fashion and beauty industry can come out fighting? This season, when you're browsing

The Future of Anti-Ageing Skincare

The skincare world evolves fast, with new products constantly coming onto the market and new ‘wonder’ claims popping up everywhere – it can be hard to keep track. Everyone wants to look younger and so the industry is meeting this demand and constantly seeking to reach new heights. What is the

Fantasy Colours from Manic Panic

Let's get outer here... Manic Panic are here to bring you out-of-this-world fantasy hair. Are you ready for the future? Get 2017 off with a big BANG. Move over Rey, back off Jyn Erso – there is a new intergalactic girl gang in town, and it's been brought to you by

Guy Tang Metallic Colour lands in #BLOW

What do you fantasies about during winter? A white Christmas and a hot mug of cocoa? A roaring fire? Diamonds, or maybe a pair of Gucci loafers, waiting for you under the Christmas tree? For FFD it’s a bloody good hair colour. I’m talking out of this world

12 Cruelty Free Beauty Gifts

Well, time is a' ticking and you are that guy who still has a full list of gifts to buy with little over a week to go. Don't fret, neither have we; but FFD have got you covered. As makeup and pampering products are always a good shout for most

Why Are We So Obsessed With Korean Beauty?

Korean influences are everywhere now in Western beauty markets and the demand for products from Korea itself is high. Why are we so obsessed with Korean beauty? I spoke to two beauty retail experts with real Korean beauty expertise – Minnie Park from MiniB Beauty, a beauty marketing company specialising in

The Dangers of Fake Beauty Products

The trade of fake beauty products is thriving and the only people benefiting from it are the rogue manufacturers themselves. You may feel that you've snapped up a bargain on the likes of eBay and Amazon when you score that product you've coveted for a fraction of the price, but

How to shop indie this Christmas

Since today is officially small business Saturday we wanted to share an easy guide to shopping local! From Jewelry to shoes here are our favourite indie stores from around the world. Jewelry Bloody Mary Metal is designed & made in cornwall. Her attention to detail & cool collections is why

The Skin Benefits of Rosehip Oil

The multi-benefit Rosehip Oil is the basis of so many skincare products. It’s becoming increasingly popular - especially with natural and organic beauty brands – but what actually is it and what does it do? I sat down to chat with Corinne Morley, the In-House Skincare Expert at Trilogy – a

The skin care saving our face this winter.

You can feel it. You know, that dry, uncomfortable feeling your face gets when the weather turns. It's not just the sign to pull out the puffer jackets, hats and gloves, it's also a time to completely overhaul your skin care regime. If you're anything like me, the cold weather

Your skincare guide for winter

Winter really takes its toll on our skin, so we need to take some extra precautions and put a bit more effort into our skincare routines in order to keep it protected and nourished. The cold weather outside and the increase in central heating inside really dries out our skin,