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    Top Ten First Date Ideas

    Time to turn forgettable first dates into something you and your potential other half will remember forever. Escape Room - for those who don't know what this is, basically you're locked in a room with a bunch of puzzles and clues that you need to figure out in order to

    Chanel Pre-Fall Collection 2018

    | You won't need to give this AW18 collection by Chanel a second 'Chance'. These Chanel bags, shoes and accessories will be jumping fences in our dreams. Watch Karl Lagerfeld revisit his hometown of Hamburg in one of the most spectacular Metiers D'art pre-fall shows in Chanel's history, celebrating the masterful

    Cruelty-Free Skincare for Winter

    | The best skincare products for the winter season, and of course they are all cruelty free brands. Have a skincare routine that doesn't involve animal testing. You can feel it; that dry, uncomfortable feeling your face gets when the weather turns. It's not just the sign to pull out the

    FFD's Fashion News Round Up 20.09.17

    In the past few days, we've been writing about Topshop's sellout new collection, Ethical fashion protests at London Fashion Week, and Illamasqua's founder Julian Kynaston.But what have we been reading about? Here is the Fashion Fix Daily round-up of the top fashion news headlines from around the web. Amazon

    What is Dermaplaning?

    Dermablading is the hot beauty treatment of the moment and it’s one that’s here to stay. Although rather new in the UK, Dermaplaning has actually been around for years and is very big in America - particular with makeup artists performing it on celebrities before red carpet events.

    Diamond Nike Air Max 97's

    Nike have reached new heights of cult like status this year with the overinstagrammed pastel versions of the hipster sneaker. Nike decided to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a bang. Or a bling as the case may be. The Brand decided to go that EXTRA mile by celebrating with a

    Can a Sharing Economy work for Fashion?

    In a world where Uber and Air BnB reign supreme, industry insiders are beginning to question whether a more public, mutually beneficial, community-based approach could work for fashion. This is an article about collaborative consumption, and how it might one day be how we buy clothing. In terms of fashion,

    An Easy Guide to a zero-waste Lifestyle

    |As millenials, we believe there was one pair synonyms that our primary school teachers never taught us; Veganism and a Sustainable Planet. Fashion Fix Daily gives you the breakdown to the new discovery. Sustainably Vegan is a Youtube channel all about making the connection between Veganism and Environmentalism. They believe

    A Day in The Life Of Entrepreneur Sara Hill

    Fashion Fix Daily discovers how money isn't everything when starting your business. Scottish Entrepreneur Sarah Hill tells us what really matters. For Todays 'Day in the Life of' Fashion Fix Daily caught up with Scottish Entrepreneur Sara Hill. Sara Runs the Scottish Academy for Make up, is producer and Editor

    The life of Art Director, Toni Hawkes

    |Working with brands such as Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Topshop and Ugg, this real girl boss, is one for the inspirational good. Toni Hawkes, you're badass! Fashion Fix Daily features inspiring business women from around the globe with a common theme between them, that there is no limit to what can

    Who Is Nina Hagen?

    |Fashion Icon, punk legend, the force that is Nina Hagen is a constant sartorial risk taker. Born in 1955 in what was then East Berlin, Nina actually began her career at a young age, as an actress. Although referred to as the Godmother of Punk, Nina is technically also an