Sustainable fashion is a shared responsibility

"Just because we are not prepared to pay just a little bit more, it does not mean that nobody pays the price."

A burnout and bankruptcy gave fashionista Willa Stoutenbeek a reason to think about where she was and where she wanted to go with her life. Sustainability was the answer. Not only as a way of life, but also in fashion. She believes this to be a shared responsibility, between the government and the brand as well as the consumer.

Willa Stoutenbeek is the founder of W.Green, a communication Agency with a speciality in the area of sustainable fashion & lifestyle. She has a deep and genuine love for fashion as well as sustainability and has a grand ambition to clean up the industry in an aesthetically high-value manner.

In Willa's TED talk, she addresses the issues of sustainability in the fashion industry, and why we need to stop playing the blame game and accept the responsibility, becoming part of the solution rather than part of the problem.Watch the video below for more.

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Ruth MacGilp is an Edinburgh based blogger, and an activist for all things ethical in the fashion industry, as well as supporting the #shopsmall and #shoplocal movements through her work.
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