Suiting up this NYE

|With New Years Eve quickly approaching, make sure you look your best in a stylish men’s suit. Alan Moore explains why it is all about the fit, details, fabric and accessories.

Party season is in full swing. With Christmas nights out planned for almost every weekend of the month, it’s the time of year where you want to look your best, get dressed up and show off your sartorial flair.

For me, getting dressed up means wearing a great suit and accessorising for the occasion. Remember that a suit isn’t just for Christmas, get a good one and you could have it for life.

Here are a few pointers about what to look for in a suit.


This is the most important aspect of all. Make sure your suit fits. Sounds easy right? We all shop for clothes that fit don’t we? But do you really? A well fitting suit should fit across the shoulders, meaning there is no padding hanging over your shoulder. The length should cover your backside and finish around your thumb knuckle (personal preference can go slightly longer or shorter, but only slightly) You should be able to close the top button of a 2 button jacket comfortably, it shouldn’t pull across your chest or waist and you should have about 2 fingers room to move. Your sleeve should be long enough to leave around 1/2" of cuff when resting. When buying off the peg, these things can all be altered by a tailor or alterations shop at a reasonable cost.


If you’re looking to show some flair, it’s all in the details. I’d always suggest a double vented jacket, there’s a certain old school charm about it that I like. Look at the position of the arm-holes, low wide arm-holes are great if you want a the silhouette of a walrus. If not, look for high, tight arm holes, that move with you. Off the peg suits come with a variety of detailing like different coloured cuff buttons, two buttonholes, pin badges, contrasting lapels and other assorted nonsense. These extras are fine, but tread carefully, good style is all about subtlety.

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Buy less, buy better. Rather than buying three or four polyester suits in an array of colours, invest in one charcoal or grey wool suit. Wool is my go to (I would only ever recommend 100% natural fibers as I’ve said in other posts). Look for worsted wool, the higher the number the better the quality. For this time of year wool / silk blends as well as velvet are great for evening wear and bold checked tweeds are great for those snowy sunday afternoons by the fire in the local with a pint.


The way you style your suit can have a huge impact of your look, and the accessories are a great way to add a flash of personality. Think about a cashmere scarf, a luxurious pair of leather gloves, or some great quality quirky socks or a beautifully patterned silk tie. As I’ve said, styling is about subtlety but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

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