Style is 90% Attitude

It's easy to pick the latest high street trends and think you have a winning outfit, but when it comes down to it, style is all about attitude.

I'm not talking about being bitchy, I'm talking about owning your outfit. Being confident in what your wearing comes from being confident in yourself. No matter if you are going to school, a board meeting, shopping or meeting the girls for some cocktails, you need to own what you are wearing, and if you don't feel it?


There are easy ways to appear more confident; stand tall & don't slouch or cross your arms in front of you, make eye contact with people when you speak to them, have a mantra of things you like about yourself & your outfit, repeat when needed and you're ready to roll!

Jacket: Topshop
Earrings: Models Own
Model: Natalie Woods
Photographer: Erica Von Stein

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