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  • Fashion Inspiration - Baddie Winkle

    Posted: November 19, 2016 Posted: November 19, 2016
    Fashion Inspiration - Baddie Winkle

    |Baddie Winkle embodies the soul of statement style. This true baddie girl boss, rocks rave clothing, grunge and all that is pink.

    If Baddie Winkle has taught us anything it's that it's never too late to reinvent yourself.

    This badass babe is an inspiration to millions and at 88 (I KNOW RIGHT?!) she is a style icon, proving that you can push the boundaries of fashion (and have great legs) no matter how old you are.

    After all age is just a number right?

    We've pulled together some of our favourite baddie outfits and taken a style lesson from each one, are you ready to learn how to be as dope as Baddie? We sure are!

    Pink is always in style

    Leopard print is cool no matter how old you are

    Taste the rainbow should be our new mantra

    Act like the queen you are

    Go big or go home

    Wear Sequins every damn day

    F@*K the world, just be yourself!

    So there you have it, from rainbow crochet, to pink tiaras the mantra is BE YOURSELF! We love you Baddie, keep on making the world a brighter place.

    All images from Baddies Instagram