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| Fashion blog: The Man Repeller will give your wardrobe a whole new lease of life. Thank you Leandra Medine!

Fashion has many well kept secrets, and if I were to bet my wardrobe on anyone knowing all the answers it would be The Man Repeller. Really, there is no one that knows how to wear clothes like Leandra Medine. If this is your first introduction to Ms Repeller then let me assure you, by the end of this post you’ll be wanting to dress just like her, in fact, I am sure of it! Pretty much acting as the beacon of all-style-girl-crushes, Leandra has single handedly has made us rethink the way we wear our clothes. Transforming those €œnothing to wear days€ – she has shown us that there is infact an endless amount of opportunities lying in the depths of our closets. Here’s some of her top style lessons for Autumn/Winter.

How to wear a dress over trousers, you know, for when tights just won’t do. Killing two trends with one essential here, trousers are a welcomed addition to our layering arsenal. I’ve never been too much of a tights fan so wearing trousers underneath that favourite dress (or nightie) has become a welcome addition to my everyday attire.

How to reinvent the shirt as we know it. They say you can’t reinvent the wheel, but Leandra just proved you can do just that. With some choice buttoning and forever foldling, you can go from desk to dancing in one quick slip of the shoulder. You will never look at your classic white button down in the same way again. I promise!

Cost per wear, how to make a dressing gown outerwear acceptable. Have you ever heard of such a thing as a waist mullet? Well, now you see it, you need it right? Turns out that robe sitting on the back of your bedroom door looks even better out in daylight. Wrap it around your waist, wrap it tight or let it’s airy, lightweight fabric blow in the wind over the top of your everyday look. It’s a win/win situation, for you and your bedroom attire!

How to get the most wear out of this seasons must have cami top. We’ve seen them everywhere, but realistically how can you get away with lacy lingerie on the day to day? If 5 examples of how to wear such a thing won’t convince you to jump the shopping gun, I don’t know what will. Head’s up though, you can find one just as pretty on the high street!

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How to wear flats on a night out without looking completely casual? Yup, the answer to one of fashions most FAQ’s tackled head on. If I were you, I’d be checking up on your loafer, sock and sequins game. Stat!

How to make your old t-shirt socially acceptable again. Let’s face it. Old t-shirts is probably the item we all own in abundance, but why waste them lurking at the back of your – specifically named – old t-shirt drawer? It’s time that they got a much needed airing and thanks to the fashion God’s, Leandra has compiled a list of ways that we can make the best use out of the pre-loved tees. Talk about wardrobe utilization!

Will you be trying our some Man Repeller tips this season?

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