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  • Stranger Things Season Two

    If you haven't watched Stranger Things by now then you seriously need to clear your plans this weekend and catch up.

    7 reasons why you need to watch Stranger Things season one now

    • Cult movie references – This baby is choc full of them, from Nightmare on Elm St to ET, so much so it’s spawned loads of cult movie/stranger things comparison videos!

    • The perfect 80’s clothes – Love a vintage wardrobe? Then this will have you clawing for those levi 501’s & checked shirts.

    • Start the music – The soundtrack to Stranger things is AMAZING, think tron & 80’s classics.

    • Two words – Winona Ryder.

    • Dustin – AKA ‘Toothless’ is by far the smartest kid, not only that but he shares some truth bombs & he loves chocolate pudding as much as the rest of us.

    • Edge of your seat – Never have I watched a TV show where I HAD to watch the next episode because I was so freaked out/intrigued. Trust me when I say this is a binge worthy show.

    • Barb – Oh Barb! Completely stealing every scene she was in, she is the grounding point we can all relate to, the girl we have all been, watching from the sidelines. I wish Barb’s story had been more fleshed out, but there’s always a spin off mini series right?

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