Steak Cattle & Roll – Vegan Shakes & Cheeseburgers

|Looking for places to eat in Glasgow? Steak Cattle & Roll is a burger joint in the heart of Glasgow with a (Vegan) difference. Here’s our review.

Not only do they make burgers that would make any carnivore salivate they offer fully vegan options with all the trimmings, cheese that tastes & melts like cheese, vegan milkshakes with whipped cream & sides for days.

Burgers are a no brainer for an easy dinner option, but when you are trying to please vegan & carnivore alike it seriously reduces your eating out options.

Steak Cattle & Roll give options for everyone, including gluten free options to go with every dietary requirement.

We went for the standard burgers & chips with a twist, one standard cheeseburger, one vegan burger and one gluten free burger (basically a burger sans bun with extra salad) and I can 100% say that everyone left satisfied. The cherry on top had to be the milkshakes, a choice of milk or ice cream with whipped cream (vegan option available) & toppings they are basically a dessert in a glass.

The perfect end to a gut busting night.

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originally published on 20 Jan 17

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