Social Blade & Insta-Fraud, What Does it Mean for Instagram?

For those not on social media, insta-fraud is the use of employing apps and bots to take over your instagram account and build your followers. With the growing popularity of analytics app Social Blade, some of the Internets most prolific influencers are being exposed for employing some these less than ethical business practices.

Because social media is a business, and if you are essentially lying about your job, it’s not going to get you very far.

Or so you’d think.

Some of the instagrammers using the bots were high earners, some with over 150 thousand followers. So who is to blame for this rise in unethical usage?

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Some could blame instagram for changing the way people see content, but ultimately people will continue to do this as long as they see results. However, if digital influencers want to continue being a voice people trust, then it’s about working better, smarter and more ethically.

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