So, Who Makes Your Outfit?

| Watching a Youtube channel is the new tv series, and Man Repeller should be on your watch list.

Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine takes to the streets of Nolita, Manhattan, to ask people who made their outfits.

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Well, that’s what this video was supposed to be. Actually, it’s just Leandra trying to make friends in her new neighbourhood in her infamous awkward yet confident style. Highlights include one of fashion’s most iconic figures talking through a microphone to a garbage bin, a DHL delivery guy pretending his shirt is actually Vetements, and an old man accusing Leandra of being part of the town’s gentrification problem.

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If you have a spare 5 minutes throughout your day, my number one recommendation is to watch a Man Repeller video. If you have the whole day, watch the whole archive. Start at this video and go from there. Leandra Medine is like addictive junk food. So good but you don’t know why. Enjoy!

Video by Man Repeller

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