Slogans: Fashion’s Ultimate Exercise In Self-Expression

| The slogan t-shirts are out in full force, and it’s becoming the fashion forward way of self-expression. As N.W.A would say, express yourself!

From Destroy to Choose Life or the more recent Nasty Woman, fashion has always had its way to speak to the masses. But in this time of political upheaval, social anxiety and ceaseless change, capturing a mood just isn’t enough. We want our message to scream and shout.

Finally, the hashtags have jumped from our screens and onto our clothing, and I for one can’t get enough. From high street, high end to good old fashioned DIY, we are wearing our thoughts and feels right where people can see them. But it’s not all a righteous protest, through either playful (or poignant) statements, our jackets and tees are making sure they get the message across. And, let’s face it, in an era of Donald Trump, everyday sexism and Black Lives Matter, we are more politically engaged than ever, so why not tell the world about it and start a conversation?!

Yesterday the runway was full of love, acceptance and opportunity for all at Ashish (more on that later this week) and the rest of the high street will follow. A movement is in our wakes and the world is (slowly) uniting because of it. It just goes to show that political uncertainty and roaring emotions are incredible tools for some powerful creative inspiration. Sloganeering isn’t going anywhere soon and that gets me excited. Well, that and pins saying "Trump is a Jobby".

Here’s some of our political and puntastic street style finds over London Fashion Week.

Now you are all inspired, here’s how you can skip the DIY and get political straight from the shops.

It grabs back…

Say it loud and say it proud with this pink tee from Monki.
Monki £15

Show ’em where you come from

When Trump was first elected, my favourite picket sign said "Yer Maw was an immagrant, and so’s yer burd" (FYI – I’m in Glasgow). Say it simpler and be proud of your hertiage and multi culturalism.
Teespring £27

Unfortunately relevant since 2005…

Anti terror legistlation is at it’s worst and this 2005 Vivienne Westwood tee has never been more relevant. It’s no wonder it is now permanently within her collection! Show people no matter where you are from that Love Trumps Hate.
Vivienne Westwood £55

Take note…

See Also

Remember that.
Feminist Apparel £36

Wear then go forth and kick ass

Girls have a special power like no other and it’s high time we said it louder! What’s more 25% of this t-shirt will be donated to a charity affiliated with International Women’s Day.
Tee Spring £22

THAT Dior tee

It’s been semi-controversial and worn by every Jenner and Hadid but it sure does have a point. (FYI – here’s a cheaper one off etsy only £19). Welcome.

Christian Dior, £490

Say it with a pin

If a tee’s not your jam, say it with anything you want with a mini protest sign from Bonnie Bling. Even better, each mini protest sign sold will donate £5 to Glasgow charity Refuweegee. Say it loud, say it proud.
Bonnie Bling £20

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