Show some Love – Motivational Monday

Support your local girl gang – we see this term thrown around A LOT. But do we always do it? Life gets in the way of seeing your best girls but sending a text to ask how they are or sending a letter (remember snail mail?!) takes no time at all.

We use our phone’s on average around 85 times a day, instagramming that perfect flat lay, or checking twitter to see what your favourite celebs/bloggers/youtubers have been up to but we never actually pick up the phone and talk to those we are closest to. When we spend a massive amount of time on our phones it’s easy to think we are well connected with our friends, but when was the last time you really asked how someone was doing? If talking on the phone gives you a bout of anxiety then why not face time? That way you’ll feel like you are in the same room, be able to talk through problems or be able to show them that new outfit you bought or you know, just talk shit for a while.

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Appreciate those who build you up, support you and clap when you win because those girls will be with you through thick and thin. You know the ones I mean, you might not speak in months but when shit hits the fan you know they will be there in a heartbeat. So take some time today to tell your best girls you love them, that you are proud of them, or just to say hey, you have no idea how much they might need it.

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